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1946 Testimonial Maine Fish & Game

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The “it can do what others can’t” message of this testimonial pretty much defines the jeep’s niche at this point.

-testimonial-fish-and-game Scan10038-testimonial-fish-and-game

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1946 Testimonial Toledo Baseball Company

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Not the most enthusiastic testimonial we’ve read for the new jeep!

Scan10035-testimonial-toledo-bball-company Scan10034-testimonial-toledo-bball-company


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1946 Jeep Testimonial w/ Hay Baler

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Another satisfied customer.

1946-testimontial-hay-baler1 1946-testimontial-hay-baler2

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1946 Berkey Aux Fire Dept Testimonial

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This testimonial included a detailed list of fire jeep specs. 
1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept2 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept3 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept4 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept5 1946-testimontial-berkey-aux-fire-dept6

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1946 Testimonial from the Wachusett Country Club

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The photo of the jeep underneath the letter shows it without bow holders, but with an extra spare tire carrier. Does this mean the country club ordered it this way? Were the bow holders ever installed? There have been a couple early 2As that appeared unrestored, but without bow holders. I’ve wondered if they could be ordered that way.

1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial1 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial2 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial3 1946-10-31-country-club-testimonial4

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1946 Jeep Testimonial by Unique Variety Service

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Bob Legee, of  Unique Variety Service, a business that provided mowing, snow plowing, and other landscaping services, wrote this testimonial for Jeep in 1946.

1946-unique-variety-service-testimonial1 1946-unique-variety-service-testimonial2

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WSYR’s Testimonial For the Jeep

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In late 1946 radio station WSYR-FM out of Syracuse, New York, sent this testimonial for the jeep touting the ability of it to overcome the sometimes muddy terrain to reach the transmitter site.

1946-11-26-WSYR-FM-radio-station-testinmonial1 1946-11-26-WSYR-FM-radio-station-testinmonial2

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1946 Testimonial For the Jeep


This letter by David Mann about why he was buying a new jeep was included in a 1948 book for salesman.

1948-sales-book-david-mann-new-jeep-testimonial1 1948-sales-book-david-mann-new-jeep-testimonial2

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What Jeep Owners Say ….

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These testimonials are from a Willys Overland Sales book dated 1946.

Scan10002-jeepownerssay Scan10005-jeepownerssay


Scan10004-jeepownerssay Scan10003-jeepownerssay

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Testimonials: Williams Brothers Engineers

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The testimonial is good, but the picture less so.


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Testimonials: Davis Farm Contracting

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Davis Farm Contracting tried everything, but the proved the most satisfactory vehicle.

Scan10025-davis-farm-contracting-letter Scan10026-davis-farm-contracting

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Testimonial: Willys of Providence

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Here’s another testimonial, this time from Willys of Providence, Inc.

Scan10023-providence-dealer0 Scan10021-providence-dealer2 Scan10023-providence-dealer1

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Testimonial: A Jeep on Cemetery Duty

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Here’s another testimonial, this time from a cemetery in Springfield, Massachusetts, that espouses the lawn-friendliness of the jeep.



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Barrington Radio Service Testimony

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Just a few updates today.

This photo is neat, but I wish the paper had been a little thicker so the words didn’t show through.

Scan10057-barrington-radio-service Scan10056-barrington-radio-service-lores

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Police Department Testimonials from Toledo & NY

Here are some more testimonials and photos from sales book.Scan10033-lores

  1. Scan10030-toledo-police-lores



And from New York City:


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Roscoe Turner Testimonial for Jeeps

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Famous barnstormer and racing pilot Roscoe Turner endorsed the jeep in this 1946 letter.


1946-rosco-turner-testimonial1 1946-rosco-turner-testimonial3

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Testimonial: Davis Farm Contracting

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Thanks to John I’ve got a bunch of these testimonials to share over the coming weeks. Most are from 1946 and were combined into a sales binder used by Willys Overland salesman.

This particular testimonial is by Davis Farm Contracting, Company, of Albany, Georgia.