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Police Department Testimonials from Toledo & NY

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UPDATE: It’s been almost nine years since I posted a series of Testimonials to the early jeeps that were part of a very rare early sales book. Most, but not all, included images. A friend of mine shared them with me. You can see them all here:


Originally Posted September 16, 2013: 

Here are several examples from Police Departments from the sales book:

  1. Scan10030-toledo-police-lores



And from New York City:



4 Comments on “Police Department Testimonials from Toledo & NY

  1. Doug

    Not sure how long these jeeps were in service in Toledo,but I know the man that was in charge of the city’s vehicle and equipment fleet.He retired a few years ago and if they were still in service during his career he would remember.Toledo has auctions of vehicles and unwanted equipment so I would bet they were sold at auction.

  2. Mike Finegan

    Back in the summer of 1962, my dad bought one of the Willys Jeeps that came to the aid of stalled vehicles in the Lincoln Tunnel. It was a 1950 CJ3A with a giant push bumper welded to the front stock bumper. Needless to say the clutch slipped badly. This was the first of many Jeeps that launched my love of Willys vehicles. I still remember the port Of NY authority vehicle number painted on the hood. #1095. The day President Kennedy was assassinated, I was installing a left rear tail light on this Jeep.

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