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Testimonial: Willys of Providence

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UPDATE: This was originally published November 03, 2013.

Here’s another testimonial, this time from Willys of Providence, Inc.

Scan10023-providence-dealer0 Scan10021-providence-dealer2 Scan10023-providence-dealer1


4 Comments on “Testimonial: Willys of Providence

  1. Doug in Ohio

    Two vec in the pics,how cool!I am fairly sure that has to be a water pump being driven by the rear pto,but it is a very different design pump,one that I never have worked on or seen before. Thanks for more interesting history Dave!

  2. glennstin

    I have a aluminum drive mechanism with a three belt 12 1/2 inch pulley like this one that bolts on the Willys draw bar. No brand name, just 14-805-1 cast into it. A straight thru shaft running in oil, 1 to 1 ratio,and is driven thru the regular shaft hole in the Willys draw bar. As far as I can know these are not listed in Willys Parts Books. Must be listed in the supplier catalog. I’ve also seen pictures of this unit driving rear mounted compressors. Whoever made it cast the housing specially to mount on a Jeep. Love these Willys Special Equipment photos.

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