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1946 Testimontial from John S. Yaryan

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The writer of this testimonial must have had a very low numbered VEC.





5 Comments on “1946 Testimontial from John S. Yaryan

  1. Claus

    Hi Dave,
    It would appear that the writer purchased his jeep as early as October 1945, based on his introduction and I take it this is also what you meant by your comment of it being a Low numbered VEC..
    What is strange though is that the accompanying photo highlights three characteristic of later VEC jeeps (early 46 model)
    1. Chrome bezel Naco taillight vs Black
    2. Levered centre latch at windshield
    3. Lollipop inner windshield hinges (looking through the window frame of the passenger side door at great zoom) or so it would seem at least.


  2. David Eilers Post author


    All good points. Yes, that is what I meant by the early VEC.

    I probably should have added, for context, that the testimonial letter was placed amongst several pages that highlighted some farm products. I included the photo only because it followed directly after the testimonial, but I had my doubts as to whether it was the writer’s jeep or not.

    Hope all is well!
    – Dave

  3. Barry Thomas

    I am more interested in the very early Newgren pull plow. I’ve seen an ad in the reproduction Special Equipment Book 1946-1949. I know the earliest Newgren 3-point lift plows were made by the Wiard Plow Company, as the name is on the depth wheel. I am assuming this is the same company that made the pull plow.

    Any chance of seeing other farm related items from the same document collection?


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