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1946 Testimonial For the Jeep

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UPDATE: This was first posted October 27, 2016.

This letter by David Mann about why he was buying a new jeep was included in a 1948 book for salesman.

1948-sales-book-david-mann-new-jeep-testimonial1 1948-sales-book-david-mann-new-jeep-testimonial2


3 Comments on “1946 Testimonial For the Jeep

  1. Mark

    A very good letter on the ability of the JEEP with an experienced driver. The places where he drove the jeep in war-time reminded me where my dad served in WWII. Who knows maybe they knew each other! Thanks for posting the picture with the letter. I always laughed when I was young and my 16-18 year old friends who bought a 4×4 saying they will never get stuck. I always told them that with a 4×4 you will get stuck in more-inaccessible places! Still holds true today.

  2. Colin Peabody

    When you are stuck in a 2WD, you are stuck. When you are stuck in a 4WD, you are REALLY stuck!

  3. Steve E.

    Here’s a funny coincidence: I know a guy named David Mann. He takes pride in his stories about driving officers in an M-151 Mutt during peacetime, about 35 years ago. He recently asked me to help him find a CJ-5. I handed him several ads for local CJ-5’s just yesterday. I’ll give him this article tomorrow. He’ll get a kick out of it.
    **Steve E.**

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