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Testimonial: Davis Farm Contracting

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UPDATE: This was previously published August 25, 2013.

This and other testimonials are from 1946 and were combined into a sales binder used by Willys Overland salesman.

This particular testimonial is by Davis Farm Contracting, Company, of Albany, Georgia.




3 Comments on “Testimonial: Davis Farm Contracting

  1. Dave Antram

    Should we all know whom John is? Perhaps a nice addition to include ones
    last name when giving credit or referencing… When you have these kinds
    of posts I’m always thinking…ok,, do I know this guy too or is he someone
    new and ok, where are they from etc. Just a little suggestion to make your
    great posts that much greater – and insightful! 🙂

  2. mmdeilers Post author


    It’s a fair point. It was a conscious decision when I first started the site. Probably time to revisit that style 🙂

    – Dave


    Interesting comments, guys.

    But thanks to John & Dave for this one & any future ones as well. Always great to see & read.

    Marc (Flyingfish)

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