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1964 DJ-3A Navy Orange County, CA $12,500


Nice frame off restoration of a 1964 DJ-3A. You can see it has a gov tag on the dash.

“1964 Willys DJ3A Jeep, government issue. Original 4-cylinder flathead. Body off restoration, low miles. Body was media blasted, then heat-primed like factory before light body work and paint. NO GARBAGE RUST REPAIRS or SNEAKY PATCH PANELS! Beautiful original floors! Original seat frames, top bows, fenders, grille, tailgate, and hood also blasted and primed before paint, DONE RIGHT! Beautiful new canvas top, doors, and side curtains as original. Seats also redone original pattern olive vinyl. Ultra rare factory special order Willys Borg Warner automatic transmission! Believed to be the only drivable survivor with a factory automatic transmission. Runs great, fun to drive.”

1964-dj3a-automatic-oc-ca0 1964-dj3a-automatic-oc-ca1 1964-dj3a-automatic-oc-ca2 1964-dj3a-automatic-oc-ca3 1964-dj3a-automatic-oc-ca4

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1953? CJ or DJ? San Diego, CA $20,000


The body looks to be DJ, but the pics aren’t good enough to tell much more than that. It’s still 2WD, but not clear if that’s due to a lack of a front drive line or lack of a front R&P.

“1953 Willy’s Jeep, Frame off restoration with custom features. 2 Wheel Drive, former military jeep. Three on the tree manual transmission. Perfect for a Beach Mobile! Don’t need help selling, no low ball offers.”

1953-cj-dj-sd-ca1 1953-cj-dj-sd-ca2 1953-cj-dj-sd-ca3

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1957 DJ-3A/MB? Red Lion, PA $5500


This might be a DJ-3A Body on an MB/GPW chassis. The engine looks military, as does the original tc and tranny.

“1957 cj3a new rebuilt flathead motor. this willys is drivin almost every day,but has less than 500 miles on motor,has a 12 volt 1 wire new alternator,rebuilt starter, new exaust from engine back, has the complete military driveline, I did replace the trans with a t90 but I have the t84 that came out. new clutch all new brakes and lines master cyl wheel cyls, and hoses, new radiator. many new parts. runs and drives good.body is very solid. title in hand. asking 5500.00”

1957-dj-cj-redlion-pa1 1957-dj-cj-redlion-pa2 1957-dj-cj-redlion-pa3 1957-dj-cj-redlion-pa4

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1961 DJ-3A Montgomery City, MO $700


It’s a project. Former luggage jeep.

“I have a 61 Willy’s two wheel drive. It was used at the airport to move luggage. Has a 4 cylinder engine. The engine doesn’t run but does have compression and spare. Body is in decent shape with rust. Grill is in good shape windshield is gone but frame is there. The Odometer says 35000. I do have the original title for the Jeep. Bought to put on a cj5 frame but to much work to make it fit. Gave 700 hundred for it just trying to get that back or trade for tub, fenders , grill etc for 74 cj5.”


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1960 DJ-3A Pepsi Surrey Endicott, NY eBay


This is a Pepsi Surrey.

View all the information on eBay

“1960 DJ-3A Willys Jeep 2WD
This jeep was purchased by my Dad in 1969 and has been in the family since. It was used for transportation on a vacation island in upstate NY going to the beach, etc….island was 3.5 miles by 7 miles. My brother did a restoration around 20 years ago…..runs, drives, clean with minor scraped and scratches. Seats and top could need to be redone….but no tears. It has a new carb, still have the original carb, missing a front turn light lens and the original gas cap. Dad removed the side foot steps many years ago and they are gone along with both side door frame.

39935 miles…..believe it was in the mid 20’s when Dad purchased. Let me know if there are any questions….i’ll try to answer the best I can……oh, my Mom has all the paperwork to go with it.”




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1961 DJ-3A/CJ Barry, TX **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $1000.

Not sure there is much value here.

“For sale is a Jeep that is used for yard art.
Running gear there, engine in pieces
Body is totally rusted out.”


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1948 CJ-2A/DJ(?) Greenwood, DE $12,500


This CJ-2A looks to have a DJ-3A body on it.

“Selling 1948 jeep willys , it runs , it drives , NO LESS than 12500.
As is , no warranty.”

1948-cj2a-greenwood-de4 1948-cj2a-greenwood-de3 1948-cj2a-greenwood-de2 1948-cj2a-greenwood-de

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1950? CJ/DJ-3A Melrose, NY **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $500.

Part DJ-3A (body/top at the very least) and part CJ.

“I have a 1950 Jeep Willy’s hardbody no motor or tranny but the frame is solid and the body is not bad at all”

year-cj3a-dj-melrose-ny2 year-cj3a-dj-melrose-ny3 year-cj3a-dj-melrose-ny4

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1963 DJ-3A Surrey Howell, NJ **SOLD**



(08/16/2017) “finally came to terms with myself. found this 15 yrs ago in a garage in Clifton nj. cleaned it up. new brakes clean fuel system.drove around the block a few times. put back in the barn and now its up for sale. needs some work.has some small rust holes nothing bigger than a quarter.
has original seats still. no top but have the frame for it. please only call if you want to buy it. and if you you know what it is.
easy resto or drive like it is. cash talks.”


1963-dj3a-surrey-howell-nj 1963-dj3a-surrey-howell-nj1 1963-dj3a-surrey-howell-nj2

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1952? DJ-3A? Albuquerque, NM $3500


This might be a DJ-3A.

“Great Jeep still runs needs work though”


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1962 DJ-3A/ CJ Meridian, MS $4500


This is a DJ-3A body and 4WD parts.

“For sale 1962 willys jeep 99% rust free runs drives all lights gauges brakes and blinkers work driven weekly if not daily all is correct and would be an easy restore no previose patching or rigging asking $4500”

1963-dj3a-4wd-meridian-ms1 1963-dj3a-4wd-meridian-ms2 1963-dj3a-4wd-meridian-ms3 1963-dj3a-4wd-meridian-ms4

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1956 DJ-3A Buellton, CA $7000


UPDATE: Still Available.

(11/20/2018) Richard’s selling this early DJ-3A. It’s been changed to 4WD.×4/6862513765.html

“1956 Willys DJ-3A dispatch Jeep. Converted to 4WD using CJ components. Drive it as is or restore it to a rare CJ-3A flat fender classic.”

1956-dj3a-buellton-ca1 1956-dj3a-buellton-ca2 1956-dj3a-buellton-ca3 1956-dj3a-buellton-ca4

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Year? Press Photo of DJ-3A **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

I’ve seen full-color postcards of this image (see bottom image), but not a black & white press photo. Seller lists this as a 1954, but I doubt it was any earlier than late 1955.

“Original factory photograph , 8 x 10 , original factory stamp on reverse , ” Kaiser Willys Motors , Toledo , Ohio” ”




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1962 DJ-3A Johnson City, TN **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $3500.

(03/05/2018) Chris spotted this DJ-3A. Looks like a good price and it appears the Navy tag is on the far right side of the dash.

“1962 Department of the Navy, Willy’s Jeep, Flat Fender, Model DJ3A. $3,500.00 firm, will also consider trading for a mid-size pickup truck of equal value.”

1952-dj3a-johnsoncity-tn1 1952-dj3a-johnsoncity-tn2 1952-dj3a-johnsoncity-tn3 1952-dj3a-johnsoncity-tn4

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1957 DJ-3A Phoenix, AZ $6500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/29/2017) Colin is selling this DJ-3A, Serial #56337 12838. Contact Colin at for more info.

“My son Lee got this from Jim Sullivan a couple of years ago. Once he got it from Jim, he found the hardtop body and tub were very rusty and had been cut by previous owners many years before. So he began modifications on this Jeep. It still retains the stock DJ3A frame, (with serial number), 4 lug wheels, front and rear axles (4.56 rear end ratio), and steering column topped with a Willys station wagon wheel. It has a custom seat, teardrop taillights. It is titled as a 1957 DJ3A.

The body is a new CJ3A reproduction body with a 4 inch chopped windshield, new gauges, padded roll bar, 11 gallon aluminum gas tank in the rear of the body, new wheels, trim rings, baby moon hubcaps and wide white wall tires, the rear being “piecrust” slicks due to the design of the slots around the edge of the tires. Custom front bumper and bikini top. It has a 1979 Buick 231 V6 and automatic transmission, a custom shifter and new gauges. New master cylinder and wheel cylinders. New wiring from the dashboard back, but needs a front wiring harness and a set of headlight buckets(CJ2 , DJ3Aor 3A type). The Jeep needs to be finished, front wiring harness, headlights and headlight buckets, carburetor. The color is 2013 Dodge Challenger Copper Mango Tango.”




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Year? DJ-3A Body Chambersburg, PA $300


Seller lists this as a 1948, but it’s a DJ-3A body. I messaged the seller to let him know.

“This is Parts only Willys Jeep tub , can be fixed and used I don’t need it . It has rust and is rough . Dash and gauges are there . I do have 2 front fenders also that are rusty but repairable for $100 each”


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DJ-3A Airport Baggage Handler

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A reader named Randy used to drive this very jeep. He shares his experience below. Note that the DJ-3A fuel inlet was moved to the side to accommodate the ramp.


These pictures were taken in the spring of 1970 and I am no doubt somewhere on the BOAC VC-10. Or I maybe flying the “bucket truck” in the back of the plane cleaning the lavatories


Randy writes, “After high school I got a job with a company that serviced airlines that didn’t have dedicated ground crews. These airlines had only one or two flights a day at our airport. This employer hired and trained people to service the airplanes just like a fulltime ground crew would. Every “ramp rat” was going to be something else after college except for me. I would learn to fly with the meager pay and get employed using friendships and connections made there.

“Anyway, Butler Aviation had a Jeep Baggage Loader and I would drive it on any mission that came up. Summer and winter or rain or snow, I volunteered to position the belt loader and loved each time I drove it. It wasn’t uncommon to reposition that Jeep from one side of the airport to the other. Four or five miles at a time.

“It was a 4 cylinder, 2-wheel drive, three on the tree with the giant loader and hydraulics attached above the center of gravity. The endless belt loader was fixed in the back and raised and lowered in the front. Had a huge rubber bumper on the front of the belt to prevent damage to the airplanes. It only went about 30 mph but, combined with the unstable loader, it could get scary. We use to fill it up with ramp rats and drive across the airport in the summer and get a nice breeze. But in the winter, I was all by myself.”

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1965? DJ-3A Beaverton, OR $1965


UPDATE: Dropped back to $1965.

(01/09/2018) This former UN DJ-3A (not sure what documentation there is on that claim) has been converted to 4WD.

“I purchased this project from the widow of the 68 year old previous owner almost 3 years ago around 6 months after he passed away. He was working on it and had some of the brakes and drum parts new in the cargo area but since i have not had any time to get to it, it’s for sale.
The notion that the motor is from a Corvette of 1957 to 1961 came from the widow of the previous owner but again she was not too sure wanting to be on the safe side and I never investigate it neither so far.
52,000 miles on the body but has been mostly a tow vehicle after retiring from the United Nation, so even less than 52,000 Miles on everything minus the motor and of course this relatively new engine replacement.
Again believe it or not “relatively” good original seats with only one little tear needing to be refreshed.
Comes with lots of new and old spare parts including drums/brakes, LED headlights and more.
I changed the bent front bumper with again a tow bar like the previous and also changed the wheels and tires.
I also bought lots of little parts included to be installed by next owner.
If interested, Please call me for more details.
Not much rust at all.”

1965-dj3a-beaverton-or1 1965-dj3a-beaverton-or2 1965-dj3a-beaverton-or3 1965-dj3a-beaverton-or4

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1957 DJ-3A Convertible Copper Hill, VA eBay


UPDATE: This was for sale in Feb of 2017. The VIN puts this as a late 1956, not a ’57.

Starting bid is only $460 and the buy-it-now $900. The appears to be that much value in parts. This is an early one #56337 10981.

“Willys DJ 3A 1957 in restorable condition! Two many projects this one goes. Orginal DJ with above average body condition. In storage by me for years all body metal, 327 engine needs torn down and built , automatic chevy mated trans, custom drive line,rear drive axle and wheels, front I beam axle and wheels most gauges, radiator chevy ,engine mount adapter plate, headlights , nice windshield frame no glass with vacume operated wipers Land R, many no top, booklets that came with this willys orginally excellent st. rust in normal positions for age. Sitting on blocks covered for years. No fuel tank, These were used to transport people at airports, mail and other delivery ect. it is not a Surry model. I also have a L134 basic parts engine for sale also in another listing on Ebay. It does not roll and tires are shot at least will take a flat trailer and winch to load.”

View all the information on eBay




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Year? DJ-3A/CJ Russian River, CA $4900


UPDATE: Still Available.

(12/24/2017) This looks to be a DJ-3A convertible that’s been redone with 4WD.

“Here is my toy for sale, it’s been restore completely, it only needs the windshield glass, runs good new tires, make it a crismas present.”

year-dj3a-russianriver-ca1 year-dj3a-russianriver-ca2 year-dj3a-russianriver-ca3 year-dj3a-russianriver-ca4

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1957 DJ-3A Chassis Tempe, AZ **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $900.

(02/07/2018) That impossible to find gas tank looks in great condition! There’s some value here. Tires have lots of tread.

“Have a complete rolling chassis from a 1957 DJ38 2wd willys flat fender low hood jeep. The frame is in great condition with no buckles or cracks and was recently cleaned and painted.”

1957-dj3a-tempe-az1 1957-dj3a-tempe-az2

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DJ-3A Front Axle Haysville, KS **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $200.

This looks to be a good price on a complete DJ-3A axle setup.

“Front axle out of a 58 willys 2wd dj3. This is a direct bolt in for cj2 and cj3 jeeps if you are wanting to convert your jeep to 2wd. Easy way to buld a lsx sleeper jeep. Also have a full set of wheels for it. Prefer texts. If you are texting from an area code other than 316 add willys to your reply.”


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1964 DJ-3A Magalia, CA $2500


UPDATE: Still Available.

(01/03/2018) Bill shared this jeep. It needs work. It appears to be a convertible DJ-3A converted to 4WD, but the rear fuel inlet is missing.

“Last year of the flat fender. Originally two wheel drive, converted to four wheel drive,with single stick transfer case. Has a V-6 odd fire, dual tanks, plumbing needs to be redone, New fuel pump, new gas lines from fuel pump to carburator needs to be finished. It has been in a barn for a long period of time. Have spare V-6 that goes with it. Seats need to be installed, light switch needs to be replaced, No Rust !!, Clean Title and on Non-Op, $2500.00”

1964-dj3a-magalia-ca2 1964-dj3a-magalia-ca3 1964-dj3a-magalia-ca4

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1959 DJ-3A Tawas, MI **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD**. Was $1650.

(11/06/2017) It’s rough, but has a variety of DJ parts, including the original air cleaner!

“Rare dispatcher model. 2 wheel drive, column shift 3 on the tree. Has most of the original parts, air filter, side steps, 4 full Willys wheel covers and 5 matching 4 lug 15 inch rims. Has the hard to find curved rear bumper, front is missing. Engine runs and yard drives on a small gas can. Frame solid. Body rough. 12v system. Clean title. Build a surrey jeep. Call anytime.”

1959-dj3a-tawas-mi1 1959-dj3a-tawas-mi2 1959-dj3a-tawas-mi3 1959-dj3a-tawas-mi4

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1963 DJ-3A Morganton, NC **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $4200

(11/28/2017) Craig shared this one. The Koenig hardtop looks in fine shape. It has been converted to 4WD.

“Willys Jeep DJ-2a with unique hardtop with sliding doors. Converted to 4wd at some point in the past. 4 cylinder motor and 3 speed manual. This vehicle ran when parked but currently has wiring issues and will not start. Clean NC title in hand.”

1963-dj3a-charlotte-nc2 1963-dj3a-charlotte-nc3 1963-dj3a-charlotte-nc4