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Various CJs/DJs Smithfield, ME

• CATEGORIES: CJ-2A, CJ-3B, DJ-3A This site contains affiliate links for which I may be compensated.

Glenn’s selling a variety of his projects and parts.

“FLAT FENDERED & HIGH HOOD CJ3B’s. (7+) I’ve bought too much and just can’t haul ’em in for scrap. Rolling chassis as shown $250 loaded on your hauler,

Usable frame -$100, Differentials- $100 each, F-134 Block- $100 , Radiator – $100, Transfer case $100, little pieces, much already disassembled, if you are building a flat fender CJ2A, CJ3A, DJ3A, CJ3B (1945-1964) you should come by to pick my bones.

Got some nice WILLYS ( AERO) too if you don’t want to build yourself.

Special Equipment stash. PTO Units available. FLAT FENDERS FOREVER. Literature a specialty. Winter Storage and Payment Plans available. Delivery after solid deal available. Some Willys or Farm Tractor trades considered.

Nice original CJ2A now with a Buzz Saw attached. Go to an antique tractor show in style. Just in a nice driver quality DJ3A, a former Baggage Loader CJ3B and a solid CJ3B with rear body extension from NC.”

CJ-2A with rear PTO:

cjs-glenn-smithfield-me3 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me2Other vehicles …


cjs-glenn-smithfield-me0 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me5 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me6 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me7 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me8 cjs-glenn-smithfield-me9


4 Comments on “Various CJs/DJs Smithfield, ME

  1. SteveK

    It really concerns me when I see my peers and “Willys experts and enthusiasts”, downsizing their collections and inventory. Glenn and others have been such an “inspiration” and “learning experience” for me and my single DJ project with “family history”. As you can see, Glenn’s “experience” crosses over many models of Willys productions, even beyond Jeeps. Will the younger gen’s X&Z respect the iconic and “value” Willys Jeeps and other models, and preserve and pass on its “history and continuance” in the future? Let’s hope so.
    Good Luck Glenn. And thanks for all you have done for us Willys enthusiasts. I’d love to see your “keepers”.

  2. Colin Peabody

    As SteveK mentioned, it is difficult to see the downsizing of so many of our friend’s Jeep collections and parts bins. I have been in the same boat, downsizing some of our fleet over the past few years(60 Corvette is gone!:( , but still have our Jeepster and the Surrey. I am not bothered so much by Glenn’s efforts to downsize as I know of his ongoing health concerns and the inability to “play ” with his collections as much as he would like. Glenn and I have been friends for many years, collaborated in printed articles about Al-Toys, and other Jeep related projects, visited in each others’ homes and generally learned about many Jeep related subjects together. Glenn, in my opinion, is the Guru of many Jeep related subjects, to include Jeep work accessories, vehicles, toys and other written documents about Jeeps.
    As we age, our ability to work on our “toys” is lessened although the desire to do so is still there to a certain degree. Glenn is now in his early 80s and has a lot of stuff to pass along to Jeep enthusiasts around the globe, including his knowledge of Jeep! Give Glenn a call, he may have something you need!

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