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Another Jeep with a Front Loader

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To keep with our recent front loader theme, Steve sent me some pics of what I’ll call a ‘custom’ loader (at least, I think it’s a one-off) mounted on the front of an old flattie.  Don’t try this at home!  Please!  This was sold at an auction in Ames, Iowa a few years back.








4 Comments on “Another Jeep with a Front Loader

  1. deilers

    I do believe you are right. There appear to be two of them in front of the barn. I also noticed a third, a green one, that’s just behind the barn on the left of the same pic ..

  2. Joe

    Hey, I bought that jeep at the auction… along with the one next to it and a pile of other stuff too. That loader worked great, and the jeep ran good too. It was kind of clunky, but real handy. I sold it a few years ago and wish I hadn’t done that as I have a need for it again.

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