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Tow-Loader Tractor Corp #1002

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Maury spotted this one-off CJ-5 backhoe tractor combo. He wrote, “I was helping my brother in law pick up some car parts this past weekend, and ran across this interesting CJ5-based vehicle.  It was made by the guy who owned the business that was selling the car parts, and he told me it was a one-off he created years ago in Michigan in the hope of successfully marketing it. 

The CJ5 body was bought new from AMC separately, and installed on the heavy steel  frame he created for it.  He said the resulting vehicle was the only loader-backhoe he knew of that could go 80 m.p.h.!”

cj5-towtractor-maury2 cj5-towtractor-maury3 cj5-towtractor-maury4

cj5-towtractor-maury5 cj5-towtractor-maury6 cj5-towtractor-maury7 cj5-towtractor-maury8


19 Comments on “Tow-Loader Tractor Corp #1002

  1. CraigInPA

    I don’t really understand the need for such a conversion, since farm tractor loaders are relatively ubiquitous. It doesn’t really bring a whole lot more to the table than a straight backhoe conversion, since the loader is not likely to be able to lift heavy loads due to the CJ5 underpinnings.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    I wondered that too Steve. Maybe he had another jeep that he put under the corporation as a write off and decided to call that one #1001?

  3. Ted

    With all due respect to Craig I think the why is an easy one to figure. Mainly because its absolutely awesome !!! By looking at the few pics posted Im sure the company did it right ,and clearly have done this type of cool conversion before. Looks to have heavy axles and a four speed ,Im guessing the leaf springs are stacked right up nice and Im sure there’s some sort of overload or helper springs to help out. I love it and really could use it around the yard !!!

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Maury said he didn’t know, but could find out for a serious buyer. He also noted that it probably would take some serious money to talk the guy out of it.

    – Dave

  5. Steve Iowa

    But there aren’t any headlights or turn signals? So can you really go down the road at 80 per?

  6. Mark S.

    Actually there are headlights and turn signals on the frame work above the windshield frame, but location may not be DOT approved.

  7. Bill Norris

    Found this from someone claiming to be the son of the builder posted in 2009:

    It’s basically set up like a crawler, It has the T18 transmisison with granny gear. It has the D300 transfer case and both front and rear axles are dana 60’s. Finall torque ratio is 72:1 and with the AMC 360 v8 that’s enough power to break the drive shafts if the wheels can’t turn because of some odd situation.

    The hydraulics do not run off the pto, instead a 25 hp pump on the motor. There is however a power take off that runs off the transmission and 3 point hitch, class 2 and 3, for various tractor implements. While the PTO is engaged, the jeep is moved forward using the hydraulic drive and it’ll do about 3-5 mph. This might seem backwards, but allows proper pto function.

    This is the second and last prototype TowLoader. The 1001 was an originaly a stock 76 CJ-5 that kept braking down, at the front axle I think. Due to marketing problems, or a lack of marketing, it never went into production.
    My father still builds machienery and we have all the drawings- just in case anyone is interested in 1003 built on a JK…


  8. Bill Norris

    Forgot to include this:

    This Tow Loader Tractor was built in 1981 by my father. Afther a long slumber in his machine shop, the Tow Loader has been re-assembled and now works (and plays) on our small farm in N.C.


  9. David Eilers Post author

    Maury talked with the owner, Bruce:

    “Bruce said everything on the Tow-Loader works on it as it should, and he would let it go for $10,000.”

    If someone is truly interested, email me at and I’ll share Bruce’s email address.

    – Dave

  10. Bruce Campbell

    This is Bruce the original builder and yes the information posted by my son is 100% accurate. If looking for the head lights, look again at the second photo, & TS also. The original was a cj5 1002 was not it was built ground up starting with Two dana 60 full float axles with 16.5″ Wheels. And yes as I write this the 1/4 scale drawings are 6 feet to my right behind a credenza. BTW the it will lift a full bucket (7/8) yard of gravel no sweat and the bucket tilt break out force is 8200# pounds as recall.


  11. David Eilers Post author


    Thanks for sharing the photos and information. I know I’ve enjoyed learning about it.

    – Dave

  12. Steve Iowa

    BTW the it will lift a full bucket (7/8) yard of gravel no sweat and the bucket tilt break out force is 8200# pounds as recall.
    An impressive build. Any videos of it in action?

  13. Bruce Campbell

    Have to put some up

    One of my guys used it today to pack down the dumpster,, been doing a lot of clean up/out around shop

    Have to do a video sometime.

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