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UPDATED: Unusual Jeep Loader Attachment

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UPDATE II: To me, this looks like a Scheneker All Purpose Loader. Here is the brochure for comparison:


This was posted as part of an article on loaders from

UPDATE: Two years ago Charles shared a photo showing an unusual loader attachment on a jeep (see the photo below the updated post). At the time, a reader named Chris commented that he had the same attachment. Over the subsequent couple of years Chris has worked to turn his attachment into a working unit. He has completed the rebuild in time to showcase it at this weekend’s Willys Picnic. Here’a s sneak peak. We are still looking for information on this loader!

DSC05472 DSC05473

(ORIGINALLY PUBLISHED DEC 19, 2014) The other day Charles shared some pics of unusual jeeps. One photo (seen below) showed a CJ-2A with a rare style of loader / bucket attachment. Chris spotted that photo and mentioned he owned one just like it, but didn’t know who made it or any history behind it.  Does anyone recognize this?

IMG_5092Here is Chris’ loader as of Dec 2014. The first three pictures of the main structure and bucket. Note: missing from the pictures are the rear stabilizers and the base plate( they are at another location).
loader loader1 loader2
Hydraulic pump and tank:
Overview of parts:
Bumper brackets. These mount to the bumper or frame(not sure yet) and push against the back of the bucket for heavy pushing/digging
loader5 loader6
The only part that I know I’m missing is the bracket that mounts to the rear bumper to attach the stablizers.

Some general dimensions;

Bucket- 40″
Overall width (rear) 60″
Overall height 60″
Cylinder length 48″


9 Comments on “UPDATED: Unusual Jeep Loader Attachment

  1. dave frances

    consider filling the rear tires with fluid for safety, even when there is no weight in the bucket, it looks tipsy! great find though!

  2. Kevin Millage

    I sure would like to ad a loader to my Jeep collection, I already own the Yellow Willys Jeep forklift and a couple of other odd jeeps if you come to Minnesota in the fall you will see some of my collection on display at some of the antique farm / threshing shows held through out the state. Thanks for saving a part of the history of Willys Jeeps hope to see it completed some day.
    The Jeep Guy

  3. Dan D

    There was one outside of Ames Iowa several years ago. The gentleman had several jeeps from his closed jeep dealership. All sold at auction. No idea where it went but it was complete and operational. I may have pictures somewhere.

  4. Brian

    Chris, thats an awesome find. Thanks for sharing your photos and please show us photos when you have it mounted.

  5. Barry West

    Dave check on late 40’s/early 50’s Ford tractors and I believe you’ll find the builder of this crafty bucket. Possibly some ads with photos of this system too. I know those early Fords had an almost identical setup. Good luck.

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