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Anyone Know This Under/Overdrive? Gear Box

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UPDATE: The consensus seems to be that this bolts to the back fo the transfercase like a type of PTO, but no one has recognized it yet.

David picked up this gear box at RFJP’s shop. Anyone recognize it?

pto-transmission-under-overdrive5 pto-transmission-under-overdrive2


pto-transmission-under-overdrive4 pto-transmission-under-overdrive3


5 Comments on “Anyone Know This Under/Overdrive? Gear Box

  1. Hotlum Bolam

    sir ? it looks like it has the same shifter as a dana 18 PTO unit ? — is there a countershaft gear cluster down in the case ? — looks like a fancy PTO shifter unit ? — it has the 5 bolt PTO mounting on both sides — odd — never seen one like this — its making me queasy just looking at it — the hell with jeeps , i just bought a vintage 1966 dodge d300 stakebody , 26k original miles , 318 A series polyspherical V-8 engine — its a HEMI !! — not — its a SEMI-HEMI !! — i’m going to add a live front axle and a divorced transfer case — VOILA !! — POWER WAGON !!! — are we at war yet ? ?

  2. Marty Tilford

    Im not sure what it is, but my guess is that it bolts to the back of the transfer case and the internal spliced shaft connects to the tail shaft of the transmission with out the bull gear so it would make the transfer case no operable?

  3. Bob W

    I agree, it bolts to the back of the transfer case. Looks like there is something missing from this unit. When the shift sleeve slides forward the engaging item/bull gear is missing.

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