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Browning 2 speed Overdrive

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rangeroverdrive_300While searching ads this morning I ran across a 1958 CJ-5 with a Browning 2 speed. I’ve never heard of that, so I looked into it, but couldn’t find out much about them.  Anyone ever use one of these?  Are they tough enough?  Apparently, they look similar to the Ranger Intermediate Overdrive that I show to the right.


3 Comments on “Browning 2 speed Overdrive

  1. rick reed

    I was tought to drive a 1954 autocar tractor trailer when I was 16, that was 1972. It had the standard 5 speed main tranny and a 3 speed brownig auxilary. No power steering . That is what brought me to this page , I’d like to find a browning 2 or 3 speed to bolt up to an early 50’s chevy dually. If anyone can shed any light I’d appreciate it.

    I’ve been told the inline 6 cylinders with 2 speed air controled rear ends were, geared for the 45 mph speed limits of the early 50’s. I would prefer to keep this truck stock and utilize the dump bed in my business., they also lacked modern suspension equipment. and tires that limited there safety at higher speeds. Sorry if this isn’t exactly what you were discussing. Rick Reed

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