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Sierra Overdrive Brochure and Instructions

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I found this cool and rare brochure for the ill-fated Sierra Dana 20 overdrive on eBay. It’s printed on 8.5″x11″ paper, so the marketing budget must have been tight (as I understand it, working capital was an early issue, which played a part in the demise of the company). A few years ago there was a post of an article that also highlighted this rare overdrive.

sierra-overdrive-brochure1-lores sierra-overdrive-brochure2-lores sierra-overdrive-brochure3-lores

The following instructions and schematics were tucked inside the brochure above:


sierra-overdrive-instructions2-lores sierra-overdrive-instructions3-lores sierra-overdrive-instructions4-lores sierra-overdrive-instructions5-lores sierra-overdrive-instructions6-lores sierra-overdrive-instructions7-lores


4 Comments on “Sierra Overdrive Brochure and Instructions

  1. ambrose bierce

    never seen or heard of this one ( repairing collecting driving crashing willys jeeps since the 60’s ) – I have a rancho borg warner r-10 overdrive for a dana 20 – i’m going to use it on a 1970 jeepster commando , 225 v-6 , t-14 , mod 20 , you have to shorten the rear drive shaft – cant remember the axle ratios ..

  2. David

    From what I remember about the unit, they had a lubrication problem
    I probably have that brochure, might have some info in the old 4WD magazines.

  3. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Blaine … Aahhh .. I had seen that article, because that’s where I learned about the lack of capital for Sierra!

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