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Eco Motors ‘Fun’ Vehicle

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Continuing with yesterday’s e-jeep, while not a 4wd vehicle, this eco-motor jeep look-a-like appears inspired by the CJ-5.  According to, “The Fun retails for $24,995, though they have an introduction price of $19,995,  and can deliver a top speed of 70mph and an operating range of about 100 miles between charges. The vehicle uses the customizable MiMod EV monitoring system from EV Instruments, which is an integrated system of sensors, monitoring logic and operational controls that can be customized to suit any type of EV.”

Here is the website for Eco Motors and the Fun. The company appears to be located in Springfield, Mo.


2 Comments on “Eco Motors ‘Fun’ Vehicle

  1. Mark in Indiana

    I looked at the products on their web sight…WOW! Finally, green vehicles that look cool. I hope to see more of that trend.

    Mark in Indiana
    1945? CJ2A

  2. Paul

    By the time the cost of the vehicle, the conversion cost, the battery cost and the battery recycle/replacement cost is all figured in I think the only thing Green about this electric car is the body color.

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