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Custom Electric Jeep Mesa, AZ $2000

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Thanks to Joe-in-Mesa for sharing this ad. This electric jeep was custom made by co-workers of the seller years ago. This price is “a couple grand” which I interpreted as $2000. Contact Steve Henry via email for more info Steve @ (remove the spaces from around the @).

mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az2 mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az3 mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az4 mini-electric-jeep-mesa-az5


2 Comments on “Custom Electric Jeep Mesa, AZ $2000

  1. Barney Goodwin

    I agree with Kurt to the detail.
    But it is not safe at all due to the location of the battery. From the scale I see, it appears to be a regular automotive 6V battery. I’ve seen these batteries explode with such force that the latched hood of a truck is blown back into the windshield. Only takes a short in the ignition to do it. And someone would be leaning over that steering wheel.

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