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1960 FC-170 Pueblo, Co **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

The camper isn’t original to the FC, but fits pretty well I think.

“This is a forward control FC-170 (1-ton) that has a camper built on the back.  It was converted to a camper sometime in the early seventies.  The interior of the camper has new paint, counters and cushions. It makes into two double beds and two single so it sleeps a total of six. Has original 1950s propane stove with an oven (there is a normal removable propane tank in an exterior compartment).  Gas and DC lights, ice box and sink.  The water tank has been removed but there is a place underneath to mount a tank.  The engine was changed at some point and replaced with a 302 Ford V-8.  The engine fires up and sounds good.  The truck drives fine but has been parked for quite some time.  I purchased from the person who had built the camper and had owned it for many years.  He had used it for camping with the family and hunting but not in recent years due to his age.  There is an overdrive unit that goes with the vehicle but needs to be repaired and was removed.  I was told by the previous owner that the windshield was recently replaced and it does appear to have been.  The tires are pretty old and hard.  There is also a set of black spoked 15″ rims are included. There is also a box of misc. gaskets and parts included.  The truck has quite a bit of power with the V-8 and would probably get up just about anywhere and has plenty of clearance.  There were not many of these trucks made and they have become very collectible.  As you can see from the photos the paint is faded but there does not appear to be any serious corrosion anywhere.”


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  1. David Eilers

    Thanks Tiffany. I have the jeep scheduled to appear Wed morning. Good luck!

    – Dave

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