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1961 Surrey? DJ-3A Jacksonville, Fl **SOLD**


UPDATE:  **SOLD**Was on eBay.  Bruce points out some surrey elements in the comments section.

This looks pretty solid.

“1961 Willys Jeep Dispatcher DJ-3A ,Hardtop attatched, 2 wheel Drive,3 speed manual  transmission,column shift,4 cylinder cylinder Barn Find.

Title shows,42,211 actual miles,Speed O shows 41,688 miles ,the prevous owner told the VA. DMV in 2007 it had 42,211 actual miles, when actually it had 41,211 miles,he was a career Army Man ,the Jeep sat for over 27 years, while he was in the ARMY.The Jeep was stored in a Barn most of its life in VA.

The only items not orginal, appear to be: the tires(dry rot), and wheels(aluminum), (have orginal spare,a wide whitewall,on the orginal steel wheel Goodyear 640/15 as pictured),spare mount missing,updated tailights,license plate mount,driver side outside mirrow,inside cab: oil gauge added below dash,drink holder and light in front center floor.

It is equipped with the orginal chrome bumpers,(back bumper dented bottom center)headlight and parking light rings and hood hold down clamps.

The jeep starts ,runs,and stops,it has a oil leak appears to be the oil pan gasket,horn does not work,but is all there.

The Jeep is solid as a rock ,only some surface rust where chips were not touched up,and under drivers side rubber mat,where paint was rubbed off with time.No keys to 3 locking doors,drivers side glass goes up and down about 3 inches,pass side goes alway down,rear works.

The Dispatcher was orginaly a light blue metalic paint,White Top ,Patina blue metallic, bleeding through the flat blue paint on the bottom and Patina white bleeding through the flat blue paint on the top.Inside is the orginal Black seats,front and rear,the rear floor pan is the light blue metalic paint.

Clear FL. title and bill of sale furnished and released with the Jeep Dispatcher when all payments are cleared,can asist in loading for shipping or pickup.

This is a tight ,orginal unbeleavable barn find,not cleaned,shown as found,pictured as found,sold as is, as pictured.Thanks for Looking!?”


14 Comments on “1961 Surrey? DJ-3A Jacksonville, Fl **SOLD**

  1. ba

    Jeep looks to be a pink surrey, I see pink on steering column, fender strap loops, some pink on firewall, chrome bumpers and under grommets on firewall. Great find.

  2. BA

    someone must have tipped seller off as he raised his price. I think the estimate of value given in question was meant for jeeps with correct color/fabric etc… No doubt his jeep is in great shape but not quite sure if the value reaches his change unless he has the rest of the hard to find parts, grab handles, strap hardware etc. His spare tire looks to be an original. and he has added pics w/pink paint showing.

  3. Colin

    I’m going to weigh in here with Bruce. There is enough pink showing to indicate this was a Surrey in a previous life. Looking at the photos, there is pink in some very obvious places, like behind the VIN plate. The loops on the fenders were Surrey items, as well as the chrome bumpers. Most Dispatchers didn’t have the valance panel in front of the grille. The spare wheel shows pink as well. Wrong taillights, but no tailgate, so it has definite Surrey markings. The VIN plate shows a mid-1960 build, but probably not registered until 1961 like a lot of the DJ3As. Good find!

  4. Bill

    Geeze….add restoration costs to his buy it now ($ 14,000??)and you have more than Red Skelton’s Surrey went for.. Honest value for this jeep is a fraction of what his buy it now is.
    I could sell my Katrina victim Surrey for $5000 using his math. Anyone want it??

  5. Colin

    I think this guy is seeing stars in his eyes. Somebody told him on ebay that it was probably a rare Surrey, so the price went up. Bill is right, add restoration costs to the Buy it now and you are at least going into the 40K area. I only paid 8K for my Surrey in Dec. 2009 and didn’t have to do anything to it.You guys have all seen pictures of it, and we have seen photos of Bill’s Katrina Surrey. Bruce did all his own work on his Surrey and I know he is into it big and it is a real Hawaiian beauty. This one is going to take a lot to get it back into Surrey territory. Just the material alone for the top, seats, side curtains and tire cover from SMS in Oregon will set him back about $2000, plus getting it all stitched together. I’m thinking between $2500 and $3500 for this one. Red Skelton’s Surrey went for $70,500 at Barrett Jackson in 2010, and Alan Jackson’s went for $51,000 to Senator John McCain’s wife Cindy in 2007, both very nice Surreys, but the celebrity status is what brought the prices. A really nice, fresh, but not totally correctly restored 1960 Surrey sold at Russo & Steele in Scottsdale in 2010 for $20,500 ( I watched it sell) and the buyer, Hyman, out of St. Louis, tried to sell it all during 2010 for $42,500, brought it back to Barrett Jackson in 2011, where it sold for $23,500. I think that is top market value for Surreys in this economy.

  6. ba

    Colin, Bill
    I emailed seller this evening asking him for pics of inside rear panel & inside sides of windshield frame to see if bolts holes are present & if bracing for rear spare is there. also ask about sun visors.
    I also told him his raised price might be OK for jeep that is in more original condition. but he has overpriced his. It was more inline with value for condition where it was initially. he might be better off taking top & doors off to sell it, and whats up with this steps??

  7. Bill

    Wow , I didn’t remember Red’s jeep selling for that much last time it was up for auction.. I would guess a professional restoration of this jeep to be in the $20k to $30 k range..A simple top removal and an Earl Scheib repaint will be $2000, then add seat covers, top bows and Surrey top, correct taillights, etc.. Still going to be many thousands. That is a nice hardtop for someone.

    You guys must have larger monitors than I , I have yet to see the front fender footman loops….and didn’t see the pink paint until he posted the later pics. What is bolted to the firewall behind the air filter, with a tube entering the top of it??

    And is that an auxiliary gage at the steering column by the dash or ???

    Still a quality jeep , and would love to own it but not in this economy with my bank account. Or at that price.

  8. Colin


    I have no idea what that item behind the air filter is or what it does. If you look closely at the 2nd photo Dave has shown, you can see the footman loop on the right fender, towards the back, just before it drops down. The gauge looks like it might be a vacuum gauge. Some folks used them to get the best gas mileage.???

  9. frank

    American Greed……. nice jeep, lots of potential, but for the price it will make a nice coffin……..’cause he’ll be buried in it. Too harsh? just my opinion

  10. Bill

    Jeep hasn’t done well in relisting, never met reserve at 1750…….Seller since has removed the top and sold it separately for $550…..Jeep hasn’t been listed since.Possibly he has decided to repaint it pink and get the really big bucks?

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