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Rick’s Special Christmas Present


UPDATE:  Rick forwarded me some ‘before’ pics of his jeep.  It was rough.

Rick shared this story with me a few days ago.  He has promised to send me some ‘before’ pictures.

He wrote, “Hi Dave. I bought a 1948 willys jeep in Montana off Craigslist 2 years ago for $700.  Unfortunately, I never got up there to get it, because soon after I bought I was diagnosed with cancer.  I am a Captain at the Medford Fire Department; as a surprise to me, my fellow fighters went to montana, brought it back and completely rebuilt it.  My wife was in on it too.  On December 23rd, 2011, they presented it to me.  I was completely surprised!  Want to see it?”

Of course I told him I’d love to see it!  So, here it is.  Thanks for sharing your marvelous story Rick.  The jeep looks wonderful.  You’ve got some great friends in Medford!




16 Comments on “Rick’s Special Christmas Present

  1. Steve S

    This story reaffirms my belief that there is still hope for humanity. Imagine how selfless one or in this case many have to be to do all the things necessary to take a $700 rust bucket and turn it into a beautiful restored jeep.

    Congratulations to Rick, he obviously chose a great woman for a wife, congratulations to his wife on truly understanding the meaning of love, and congratulations to his fellow firefighters for showing all of us what friendship and brotherhood is all about.

    Steve S

  2. Proud Infidel

    NICE REBUILD, and a heartwarming reminder that there are still a lot of real people out there who genuinely care about others!

  3. Dan

    It’s amazing what people will do for someone they respect. What the firefighters and his wife did, surely says something about them, but it sure says something about the man Rick is. (Of course he has to be pretty good…after all he is a Jeeper). Congratulations to Rick on his Jeep and even more on his making it through cancer treatment.

  4. Steve E.

    And your buddies created what a restored Jeep should look like. It’s absolutely perfect. It’s nice to have friends. I’ve noticed that there is a unique bond with firemen. I’ve even seen it with firemen from previous generations.

    Prayers headed your way, Fireman Rick.
    **Steve E.**

  5. mom

    Rick, you must be very special to have friends to give you this very special gift.


    Mom E

  6. Roberto Flores

    Probably, one of those top stories which one could read from time to time…and this touch me too! What a present, what a wife, what a wonderful band of friends, what a jeep…and what a pet! I love the dog!!!!! Congratulations, sir!

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