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The Package Delivery Van Starts its Journey

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You might remember that we spotted this rare 1948 Willys Overland Package Delivery van a while back.  The buyer decided he had to let it go, so Jesse volunteered to take on the project of restoring it.   To get to Phoenix, the van has made its first stop in Missouri at Craig’s place.

Craig writes, “The 1948 Willys Overland Urban Package Delivery is 430 miles closer to it’s new home in Phoenix, Arizona.  It’s resting at my place in Defiance, Missouri right now before I make the pilgrimage out there to Phoenix and back in a few weeks.  Since the ’48 got its start on eWillys I thought it could use an update there as well.  The pictures were taken just a stones throw south of Roxanna, Ohio where Roger Martin (pictured with me) brought it from its home in Lake Geneva, Ohio.  It looks a little better with some rubber on the wheels! Craig @ thefcconnection


10 Comments on “The Package Delivery Van Starts its Journey

  1. Glennstin

    Now, here are some Wacky Willys Wrenchers. Jesse, let me know if you can’t print off that brochure and I’ll send you a copy. This rare Willys survivor could not have found a better spot. Sure enjoyed my visit there at The FC Roundup.

  2. Colin

    Glennstin sorta got the ball rolling on this van many months ago, and we both tried to do some history on that type truck. Glenn found the advertising brochure and that was about all we could find. The fact that our good friend Jesse is taking on the project is great and for our other good friend Craig to bring it out here is even better. Thanks,Glenn and to Jesse and Craig also. When you get ready to come out, let me know and I will come over and help unload it. email me at;

  3. Jim

    Glad to see this found a good home was contemplating dragging it up to Massachusetts but the boss put the kabosh on that idea.
    Will make a nice build thread I’m sure.

  4. Craig B.

    In my haste to get something out to eWillys I kind of left out the “Major” role Roger Martin played in this rescue. If you check out the early link to this truck you’ll see that the Delivery Van was hopelessly non-movable even with a gang of strongmen pushing on it. Roger took his truck and trailer on a 600 mile round trip journey and single handedly winched the Frozen beast onto his gooseneck and brought it back to his place where it made the task of loading it onto my trailer like a walk in the park! So officially it’s 740 miles closer with under 1500 miles to go real soon. Many thanks to Roger for starting this adventure as if it weren’t for him it might still be mired in the dirt on the Ohio/Pennsylvania border!!!

  5. David Eilers

    Hi Kevin,

    I have seen less than 5 for sale over the past ten years, so they are really hard to find no matter the condition. I know of none for sale currently.

    – Dave

  6. Brett Cardoza

    Hi Keven, David, and others,

    My mother actually owns one (40’s Willy’s panel delivery). It was my grandfather’s. It is located in California. I know they are very rare, but don’t have an idea of what they are worth. We had it running a while back, but it has been stored the last few years. I doubt it’d take much to get it running again.

    Can anyone help with where we can find what it might be worth? It is a really unique vehicle.


  7. David Eilers

    Hi Brett,

    There are so few of these that there really are no good price comparables with which to gauge a value. If you want to get top dollar, I would suggest listing it on eBay or on a Bring A auction.

    The good news is that, in general, there is interest in unusual vans. We still don’t have very much info on these vans, so they aren’t well known.

    Sorry I can be more help.

    – Dave

  8. Dan B.

    Hi Brett,

    I agree with Dave. You also might consider posting over at and getting the feedback of the gang there.

    Bottom line – it’s tough to beat Bring-A-Trailer if you want top dollar from an unique old car.


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