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Farm-Aid Implement Company from Norwalk, CA

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UPDATE II: Clint did some research on Farm-aide and uncovered some additional information.

This is an ad for the Mellen plow that was used in conjunction with the Farm-Aid Hydraulic attacher.

If you click on this link you can see one of Farm-Aid’s patents:
This article  indicates the Krause Manufacturing Company bought Farm-Aid in 1948:

UPDATE:  John found a couple pics related to Fair-Aide


John from Saskatchewan, Canada, has a question about the Farm-Aid Implement Company from Norwalk, CA. John wanted to know more about the company or about the implement. I did a few searches, but all I could learn was that the company was sold in 1948 to Krause Plow.  Anyone have any additional information about this rare disc equipment?


2 Comments on “Farm-Aid Implement Company from Norwalk, CA

  1. Pascal

    He should be more lucky if he bring it to an Antique Tractor show. He need to speak with those old farmer guy’s. It’s the first one I saw.

  2. STEVE

    The efficiency of this is with the two alternatiing plows you could turn around and go right back down the same furrowOtherwise you would have to plow in a ciricle because with one plow you always kick in the same direction.

    I knew an old soil scientist in the 30’s and if you plowed uphill with these you actallly had negative erosion………………………….

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