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Checking out a 1943 MB Barn Find

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Brian invited me over to his house to meet Brian and see the a new Barn find: A 1943 MB.  They found just outside the tricities area. It’s got some hat channel issues, but otherwise is pretty solid.  It’s also has an engine that Brian got running today.  It’s a great find and, except for a lot of very cold wasps, will make a great stock MB. Since they live nearby, they’ve promised me a few additional adventures that include hunting for jeeps. I look forward to that.

Here are a couple photos taken by my favorite photographer (Ann of course). In front of the stock MB is Art’s recently purchase M-38, which looks and runs great.  A former Navy Seabee, Art has decorated his jeep to reflect his time in the Navy.  Behind that is the ‘barn find’ and then behind that is Brian’s flattie.



And here is one Brian and Art took early of their jeeps on a hill somewhere in the hills somewhere near Kennewick.




12 Comments on “Checking out a 1943 MB Barn Find

  1. Ed Lee

    Why does it always seem that a new jeep is brought home in the cold????
    Nice looking trio of Jeeps. It would be nice to hills to trail ride on. Down here in the sunshine state we only have sand and marsh. Mud can be fun but then it is clean up time and that’s not fun.

    Good looking group there.

  2. Brian Parmeter

    Sorry for the wait, I have been super busy getting the new MB running. I had to replace the fuel pump, points, condenser, plug wires, plugs, oil, and filter and make a makeshift fuel tank, but it runs pretty damn good. The tires are old cooper discoverers 31/10.50/15.

  3. Brian Parmeter

    Thanks for the compliments, Tell you what, as soon as that engine went pop, it felt 90 degrees and sunny!

  4. mmdeilers Post author

    Brian … I’ve got a lot more pics of the MB … I can post them if you’d like me to do that.

  5. Brian Parmeter

    Heck yea David post away! , KD Man, if you come up with a stock set of 16s for my jeep, you can have my wheels and tires as long as you figure out how to do the swap.I have wanted NDTs for a while, I just dont have the rims.

  6. jeepjunkie

    Brian, when my brother Jim brought home a 46 2A it wouldn’t start. On a trip back to visit him I had the chance to spend a couple of hours drooling over his Jeep. As he was explaining the that it would not start his wife stated that Jim bought another ‘pig in a poke’. With that I began to look a little a little deeper. Pulled the carb and as expected discovered a vast amount of molasses. My twin brother John told Jim, “give a couple of minutes and it will run.” Two cans of carb cleaner and the little baby ran like a top. Only us jeepjunkies understand the joy of hearing the little baby run. Wish I could have been there to share the celebration with you.
    It’s cold (must be int he low 60’s) here in the garage so sorry about the typo’s.

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