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1964 DJ-3A Belleville, NJ **SOLD**

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UPDATE: **SOLD** Was on eBay.

(03/26/2010) “As mentioned above this DJ3A comes in very rare automatic transmission variation, 4×2 WD, with right hand drive which was a special order of Public Works Departments through out the country, this vehicles were also used by delivery agencies and post offices. When I got this Willys I was skeptical about if auto tranny is original or not but later in my research I came across official Willys document called Consolidated Specifications for Commercial Vehicles and it clearly stated that in fact auto transmission was an option for DJ3A line of vehicles (I can email this document to any interested party). Also I found pictures of very same Jeeps with canvas half tops, right hand drive and auto tranny at the Los Angeles Department of Public Works web sight on the page related to the history of the department (it’s a low resolution pictures but I attached them to this listing) . . . Much more history on eBay”


14 Comments on “1964 DJ-3A Belleville, NJ **SOLD**

  1. Oswald

    You are right (hand drive), what an odd combo. 4 bolt wheels front and back, Flat head automatic in 64….

    This is what you called a Special Order.

  2. missuson

    this one would be a great resto project,
    the auto trans for the dj was not avialble until 1968. I have ask seller to help confirm the eng SN & trans case number, cant make case number out to see what it is out of.
    the oil bath is not correct for 64 dj or the oil filler cap, the DJ did not utilize the vent tube between filler to breather. this breather is out of the CJ3B/5&6. Original DJ dip stick was simaler to the MB stick that had a looped pull ring at top.

    Interesting…. setup, how do you shift? is lever on dash to right of column ?? could it be a AMC setup from rambler 50-57?? somthing about the rear flange, mating surface between bh and block & oil line doesnt look right or normal for the L head??
    inquiring minds want to know!!

  3. deilers

    Bruce, I knew you’d find this interesting. I’m assuming the auto trans was only available for the DJ-5 then? Later tonight, I’ll ask the seller the question regarding the auto trans and see what they say.

  4. missuson

    It is a very interesting setup and alot of us would love to have the auto trans in our djs for ease of driving for the misses or due to back & hip pain from the frequent clucth engaging during parades.

    DJ-3A (1955-64): Four cylinder L-head, three speed manual
    DJ-5 (1965-67): Four cylinder L-head, three speed manual
    DJ-5A (1968-70): Chevy four cylinder, Powerglide automatic
    DJ-5B (1970-72): AMC 232 I-6, B-W T-35 three speed automatic
    DJ-5C (1973-74): AMC 232 I-6, T-35 or M-11 automatic
    DJ-5D (1975-76): AMC 232 I-6, 727 TorqueFlite automatic
    DJ-5F (1977-78): AMC 232 I-6, or 258 I-6, TorqueFlite automatic
    DJ-5G (1979): Audi 121 four cylinder, 904 TorqueFlite automatic
    DJ-5L (1982): Chevy or Buick 151 four cylinder, Chrysler 904 transmission
    CJ-8 (1984): Used in Alaska only 258 I-6, Chrysler 999 transmission

  5. Brett

    Is it just me or are these longer in the front compared to 2A/3A? Maybe its the tires/wheels are smaller? Something just looks indifferent to me.

  6. deilers

    I thought the same thing; however, I believe it’s just an optical illusion combined with the tires.

  7. Bob

    Over on the cj3b page, they have a dj6a, right hand drive, with an auto shifter in the same place. I think it was a two speed though.

  8. Glennstin

    As of this morning 3/31/11 this auction is ended and a phone call to Rich, the seller, says the car is sold. Have been watching this since last Oct. and has been off and on since then. Let’s watch to see where it shows up again.

  9. bruce

    anyone know SN on eng block? dj oil fill tube & dip stick is different and dj had no rubber hose between oil bath and fill tube?

  10. Mike Finegan

    I rem ember this Jeep from my childhood; Back in the 1960’s, I would see it traveling down Crooks Ave. Clifton and make a left hand turn on Railway Ave, Paterson to get to the Passaic County garage on Pennsylvania Ave. The price is kind of steep.

  11. Leo

    Naturally i scooted over to ebay and found the DJ still for grabs ! 3 days left to go….
    last bid $6,600. thats not to bad for a bone stock special order RHD “thing”
    ’64 must be right, SN# matches the period, also the speedometer matches with the period, my ’66 CJ5 has the exact same
    I wonder what trans is fitted, could it be the same as the two speed Powerglide used in the DJ5A ??
    That would be nice, especially if you need parts, Powerglide parts are rather easy to get still
    I think in the last two months they replaced the hood, and a pity they painted over the Pasaic County lettering on the sides though

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