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1957 Mechanix Illustrated Article about the New FC-150

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In honor of this weekend’s FC Northwest Gettogether in Tacoma, Washington, I thought this article was appropriate. McCahill isn’t shy about some of his ‘beefs’ with the new FC.

1957-03-mechanix-fc150article-1 1957-03-mechanix-fc150article-2

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13 Comments on “1957 Mechanix Illustrated Article about the New FC-150

  1. Mike Finegan

    I can remember seeing the cover story sitting along the bottom of the magazine rack as I walked in to Harry & Peggy’s on the corner of Crooks & Trenton ave. Clifton. I was only 7 years old at the time, but fascinated by this new look Jeep vehicle. From that point on, I would doodle pencil drawings of Fc150s during class at St. Brendan’s. Needless to say sister Mary Robert admired my drawings but advised me not to draw on HER TIME.

  2. steve

    Popeye was a vulgar vegetarian? I liked Popeye as a kid and even ate spinach once or twice.

  3. John Hartman

    The article says continued on page 170, then continued from page 170. What are you hiding?


  4. Joe in Mesa

    Outstanding article. What a colorful writer… analogy after analogy, many of which our new “PC” world would frown upon (“as able as a 3-armed Irishman in a saloon fight”), and at least one that should be popular in Colorado or Washington: “it would take 3 barrels of hemp to convince me…” LOL. That writer was a trip 🙂

  5. mmdeilers Post author

    Oh, so you want all the pages? lol … ok, the mysterious page 170 has been located and added.

  6. John Hartman

    Thank you, and how appropriate. I’m from outside Milwaukee, and needed to know it will carry a “dozen kegs of beer”. Why would he need so much rope?


  7. Buz

    “I could see right over the roofs of all the other cars on the road” Boy if only you could make that same claim these days – trying to see around the monster SUV’s of 2014.

  8. SE Pennsylvania Steve

    He must have been quite a character.
    In that picture of him inside the FC cab he kind of looks like Ernest Hemmingway.

  9. Mike Finegan

    What I always liked about Tom McCahill was the fact that he didn’t mince words. He was honest in his assessment of how the vehicles preformed. He pointed out the good & the bad. Most of the other magazines presented a one sided opinions that favored the vehicle they were road testing; Motor Trend is a good example of this type of public relations. Not McCahill, he told it like it was.

  10. Buz

    From what I have read about McCahill he once gave a bad review to Chevrolet (he never was much of a Chevy fan) and some GM guys went to give him a lesson, apparently he gave the three of them a pretty good pounding all by himself. There’s nobody like that today writing about cars.

  11. Mike Finegan

    McCahill road tested the new 1963 Wagoneer when it was first introduced. I think he reviewed it for both Mechanix Illustrated & Motor Trend. Maybe we can dig that one up too.

  12. mmdeilers Post author


    I found a very cheap May 1966 issue of Mechanix with him on the cover (which I bought and will post). He test drove a Wagonneer for that issue. I didn’t find a 1963 article.

    – Dave

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