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Ugly Dogs From Tire Recappers in Nashville

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UPDATE: It seems this company is no longer offering this tire:

A company called Tire Recappers out of Nashville produce and sell these recapped mini-terror-like tires. Buy four tires and they ship for free. Anyone have experience with them?




3 Comments on “Ugly Dogs From Tire Recappers in Nashville

  1. John Hartman

    No I don’t.
    I worked on trucks 40 years ago for a company that used lots of recaps, but it was very well formulated. In five years I don’t recall there ever being a failure. But I do see retreads all over the freeway.

    They ran steering tires 60 or 70k miles, and drive tires to the limit of tread. Then the Goodyear guy would come and qualify the carcasses for retread. There was hot and cold recaps. Goodyear used the Bandag cold recap process.

    They would only use recaps on trailers. So they weren’t subjected to dynamics of steering or applying power to the road. That is my experience.

    The picture appears as if they only replaced maybe 75% of the tread. Just talking stupid, I would guess if you ordered a set of tires the tread will be the same, but the carcass may be not. Take it for what it’s worth.

  2. Michael Long

    I am looking for the 31×15.5×15 in this tread pattern. If you have four I would like them now. Please call me at 409-920-2319.

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