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Jeep used as Horse Jump at Aspen Farms

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Termaine forwarded these photos of a horse jumping a jeep. The jeep jump is located at Aspen Farms in Yelm, WA. The jeeps makes a couple appearances on Aspen Farms Facebook Page.

horse-jumping-jeep1-lr horse-jumping-jeep2-lr


3 Comments on “Jeep used as Horse Jump at Aspen Farms

  1. luis v.

    i love the design of the bodyy that is cool..i may do that with my Franken jeep (mix of mb and cj2 parts)

  2. luis v.

    Anyone else think they took a J10 bed and slapped it on the sides of the body to get this look?

  3. STEVE

    My take is you don’t want sharp corners when jumping to avoid hooves catching and bruising. Note the sand bags in the unit also. guns on the front bumper is a nice touch.

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