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Warn LockoMatic Hub Brochure

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This six page Warn brochure for the Warn Lock-O-Matic hubs sold for $26 on eBay last week.

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5 Comments on “Warn LockoMatic Hub Brochure

  1. Barry West

    Dave, I can’t read how these actually work, but why does the photos have an arrow, that when turned, set it to FREE or LOCK when the outer arrows show the opposite directions to Lock or Free? Oh, my head hurts….

  2. David Eilers Post author


    Jeez Barry, you had me confused for a moment, too. Then I remembered one important detail ….

    To go from Free to Lock you have to turn the dial CLOCKWISE 330 degrees (or about that much), hence the arrow that shows the direction to spin the dial. To unlock, the dial must spin COUNTERCLOCKWISE 330 degrees.

    That make sense?

  3. Vernon Haggard

    love me sum warn lock-o-matics — I have several sets , one is N.O.S. — the only problem with these is that they disengage when in 4wd going down a hill — the cams unload , you have to manually lock them if you are going to go down a hill in 4wd — other than that , they are quite complex , lots of little parts —

  4. Barry West

    I reckon so. Now it makes perfect sense. Never used this type before. Live and learn or learn and live, I suppose. My brain is no longer hurting. Thanx

  5. rdjeep

    My ’69 came with these. The concept of internally-driven engagement worked well around my area for winter driving, where the roads change frequently from wet mains to snowy sides. This type of hub does not happily coexist with a Lock-rite front differential when in the “FREE” position.

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