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1960s White Automotive Soft Top Brochures

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White Automotive was based out of Colorado Springs, Colorado. The company sold different types of soft tops for a wide range of jeeps. They also sold tire covers, half-doors, spare-tire carriers, and other items. The brochures below are currently on eBay. The company also used the brand name Whitco and/or White Mfg. at times.

1. This one page brochure includes a dealer’s note. 

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1960s-white-automotive-softtop1 1960s-white-automotive-softtop2 1960s-white-automotive-softtop3

2. White Automotive’s bikini top and half doors.

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3. This is an example of a brochure that uses the brand name “Whitco”.

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One comment on “1960s White Automotive Soft Top Brochures

  1. Mark S.

    I have always thought that the Whitco top was the best looking jeep soft top. I have never seen the early model with the zip off doors, not there best feature. I think that was probably changed early on, to the completely removable door with snaps on the edge.

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