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Unusual Ambulance Jeep

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UPDATE: It appears this jeep has been re-themed into a resort vehicle.

This unusual ambulance jeep was shared on Facebook. I’ve tracked down an additional photo that shows it’s got a standard gas inlet on the side, so I think this may have been a CJ-3A.

This vehicle is located in Vincennes, Indiana (still there??). I’d really like some better photos of this. I’ll offer an Alaska Or Rust T-shirt and my everlasting gratitude if someone could get some more pics of this unusual rig.

ambulane-dj-vicennes-in2 ambulane-dj-vicennes-in



4 Comments on “Unusual Ambulance Jeep

  1. Blaine

    This may sound simple but how about just calling the number on the Jeep? it’s a current number. Does someone live nearby?

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