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Throwing Wrenches: A New Youtube Show

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Merlin Hanson, Mike Gardner, and Joe Beadenkopf will be headlining a new youtube show called Throwing Wrenches. Merlin and Joe joined us for the trip to Alaska. Most folks probably don’t know Joe. A testament to Joe’s mechanical ability is that he’s driven his modified CJ-3B across the US and back (a couple years ago) and all the way from Maryland to Alaska and back (via Portland) last year without issue. He also drove farther in his jeep than any other Alaska Or Rust participant.

Here’s the inaugural video. Mike tells a nice story while driving at the end of this episode:


6 Comments on “Throwing Wrenches: A New Youtube Show

  1. Minnesota Chris

    Pretty cool guys. It was cool seeing Joe’s modified 3b. That’s an amazing amount of miles in a short time.

  2. TJ Kistner

    Very nice indeed. These things are like VW bugs and Honda 90s. Every one I have owned brings the fun of meeting people and hearing their stories. Best of luck with the show.

  3. david sapp

    I live on eastern shore with my 57 cj5 and 62 cj6… I have got to find out more about these guys!

  4. merlin

    we work out of Hanson Mechanical Restorations in Finksburg, MD. checkout our blog at or visit the show website at Episode 2 coming soon! -Merlin

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