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1955 Lift-o-Matic Hydraulic Tailgate Brochures

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Here’s a second set of Lift-O-Matic Hydraulic Tailgate brochures.

Scan10016-liftomatic-brochure1 Scan10016-liftomatic-brochure2


ORIGINAL POST (02/23/2013):  This was sold in 2013 on eBay.




4 Comments on “1955 Lift-o-Matic Hydraulic Tailgate Brochures

  1. Matt

    This period after-market stuff is really cool. Yeah, you could throw a new “Tommy-Lift” on the back of a Willy’s Truck but this would be way better. There’s quite a following for restoring all kinds of old Willy’s vehicles but that number diminishes rapidly (I assume) when talking about restoring old after-market *add-ons* for Willy’s vehicles..

    I know there was a book available at one time listing attachments for Willy’s but was there ever a poster produced? That’d be another good one for Dave to re-do if there was…

  2. David Eilers

    Never thought about a poster of attachments. That’s a cool idea.

    Yes, there has been a book(s?) produced, but it was essentially a series of brochure copies bound in a book. There’s room for a better book with the inclusion of history related to the major companies involved. I suppose at this point, given all the hi-res materials I have, I could put together something pretty good.

  3. Matt

    That is cool. A compilation of attachments would be awesome. I like the engineering and functionality of these attachments. Can you imagine a barn full of these things with a Willys pickup, wagon and a CJ or two to attach them to and maintain your property.

  4. David Eilers

    Actually, I can. I have seen a few barns that have jeeps with multiple attachments. Yes, I was quite jealous! 🙂

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