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1957 ‘Jeep’ Vehicles Help fight Disease! Brochure

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This August of 1957 ‘Jeep’ Vehicles Help fight Disease! brochure was another one I hadn’t seen. It amazes me how many little known brochures are still out there. It’s an export form, with form number MFS-8-57-X
1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure1-lores 1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure2-lores 1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure3-lores

The next three pages unfold into a single page. But, I’ve separated them for easier reading:


1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure4-lores 1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure5-lores 1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure6-lores 1957-08-jeep-vehicles-help-fight-disease-brochure7-lores


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  1. Mike

    Meanwhile back here in the states, the city of Clifton NJ used a Willys pickup truck with a sprayer sitting in the bed to spray for mosquitoes back in the mid 1950’s. Close your windows up & down the streets.

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