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Blue Star Aluminum Tops

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Rooney77’s Blue Star Top for sale

UPDATE: This post from 2014 has been updated with additional brochure examples. See all the Blue Star hardtops documented thus far:

(From 2014) This Blue Star aluminum top was built by the Blue Manufacturing Company, founded in Kansas by Max Blue circa 1946. ‘Blue Star’ was the brand name used on several products he produced.  There’s some conflicting information, but it appears In 1946 Blue Manufacturing was building aluminum airline parts. About that time, as a hobby, Max began building aluminum boats. He also tried manufacturing and selling jeep hard tops.

Demand was so great for the boats that in 1948 he leased space and built boats full-time. Meanwhile, he either sold or abandoned the jeep top business altogether. Given only a few Blue Star tops have surfaced over the last few years, I imagine he didn’t sell too many of them.

However, Max was able to sell boats. By 1953 the company was building 1,000 boats a year. In July of 1953 he moved the company from Goddard, Kansas, to Miami, Oklahoma. There are various articles into 1960 that talk about the Blue Manufacturing Company. However, the company appears to have ceased boat production in 1964.

This brochure featuring a CJ-2A is the earliest example I have of this top. It was part of an early industrial equipment book.


Here’s another example, this time with a CJ-3A:


Here’s an ad that was featured on eBay.


Here’s an example of the logo badge:


Here is an example of the half tops:


Actual top:


Here are some photos of actual full hardtops:

blue-star-hardtop3 blue-star-hardtop2 blue-star-hardtop4During the summer of 2013 a seller on eBay had two jeeps with Blue Star tops for sale:

Jeep 1)

1951-cj3a-twinvalley-mn003 1951-cj3a-twinvalley-mn03 1951-cj3a-twinvalley-mn4

Jeep 2)

1951-cj3a-twinvalley-mn01 1951-cj3a-twinvalley-mn02


25 Comments on “Blue Star Aluminum Tops

  1. Bob

    That’s interesting reading Dave, amazing there are so many left.

    Sorry to hear about what your dad is going through. My parents both turn 84 this month and they make me worry every day.

  2. James A Bevis

    Hello there, do you ever see any of the Blue Star Logos for the blue star boats, they were like the jeep tops but had the star in the middle of the name. I have a 1957 blue star boat restored with a restored 5.5 hp Evinrude outboard motor, I had decals made but would really like to have two original. I get as many looks at this boat and motor as one would get with a 57 Chev. Having the Logos would make all this complete. James

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Grant: Thanks for catching that!

    James: I haven’t seen the blue star logo anywhere, but I don’t have any search tags for that set up on eBay. That would seem to me most likely place you’ll find one. I’ll keep a lookout for them.

  4. Steven Smallwood

    If anyone has BlueStar boats or Jeep tops for sale please contact me @ stevenATsilvertreeDOTcom

  5. Ronald Litha

    I am looking for two original decals or the art work so I can have them reproduced in Vinyl for the Star that used on the 1952 Blue Streak 10 1/2 foot A-B Utility racing boat. It was a large Blue Star with a round circle in the middle of the star with what appears to be mans head looking backwards, the name Blue Streak sitting above the two top arms of the Star & another word which I can make out between the bottom two legs of the star. The decal seems to be about 5″‘s in diameter??.

  6. David Eilers

    Yes, I monitor this board. But, I have to sleep, occasionally.

    I have yet to see any blue star related decals, but if I run across one I’ll let you know.

    – Dave

  7. Ronald Litha

    Apparently I have discovered that the Blue Star racing boats were built around 1950-52 & were available on an “A order only from the factory”during these years & due to low sales they were discontinued before Blue Star moved to Miami Oklahoma in July of 1953?. Any help on this or literature about these early A-B & C-D racing runabouts were produced & also a A-B Aluminum Hydroplane. Date started & date ended & approximately how many were ever built?

  8. Ronald Lietha

    I now have found out that the Aluminum racing runabouts were built at the Goddard location, 1950-51-52. When Blue Star Boats moved to Miami, Oklahoma in June of 1953 they introduced the aluminum Hydro to the line up in 1954, so the first aluminum Blue Star A-B Hydro was built in 1954. The boat carries the metal Blue Star logo rather than the Indian Star as on the runabouts from Goddard.

  9. Ronald Lietha

    David: I now have some pictures of the 1954 Blue Star Aluminum Hydroplane built at Miami, Oklahoma but do not know how to post pictures here. If interested send me your email location & I will send the pictures of the boat for you or someone else to post on this site?

  10. Ronald Lietha

    Looking for anyone who has Roger Ringle email location. I lost it & he is writing a chapter about Blue Star aluminum boast built at Goddard Kansas 1950-53. It starts rogerringle@bunkhouse???????????
    He is on facebook but I am not.

  11. James Bevis

    This is a great ebayer
    shabestari I got my blue * star decals from him quite sometime ago and ordered more than needed, put one up on front on my 1957 blue*star boat about 3″ down and centered the star, wrapped around perfect looks great. Would still make my day if someone had the two, one for ea. side on the rear for sale and notified me. James— Since getting the 1957 blue star boat and 1957 5.5 hp evinrude , I have also got a 1955—1948 and 41 all evinrude outboards and restored all Four and look good with original paint colors .

  12. Daniel Scott

    I just purchased a 48 willys with an aluminum hard top with about a 1 inch by two inch tag stating,
    Built by Blue Manufacturing CO
    129 Colorado
    Wichita KAN.
    Pat Pend
    must be an early one

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