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1958 Kayline Soft Top Brochures

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This set of Kayline Soft Top brochures cover Kayline’s Delux Quality, Kaylux Quality, and Convertible soft tops. These brochures also suggest that, as of 1958, Kayline was not working with Kelly Manufacturing yet.

1958-07-kayline-brochure1-lores 1958-07-kayline-brochure2-lores 1958-07-kayline-brochure3-lores 1958-07-kayline-brochure4-lores


One comment on “1958 Kayline Soft Top Brochures

  1. Mike

    In 1962, My dad ordered a convertible top for our 1950 CJ3A,, $150.00 installed, 2 weeks later, after installation, it was the standard fabric top that was installed. When asked about the discrepancy, The salesmen Pete Lintias, said “they don’t make a convertible top for the CJ3A,” even at 13 years of age, I always knew he lied. P/S Pete Lintias was know as”FAT PETE” and he drove a dealer demonstrator 1962 Willy wagon.

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