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1962 CJ-3B w/Monroe Lift Harrisonburg, VA **SOLD**


UPDATE: **SOLD** Was $2500.

(03/25/2020) Has a solid looking Kelly hardtop and a Monroe Lift.

“Selling for a friend: 62 or 63(old title its a bit confusing) Tallhood Willys, with a 283 Chevrolet V8, JC Whitney bell housing adapter, half cab and three point hitch system. Comes with a snowblade. It does have rust, but it’s not a basket case. Hasn’t run in years, but it turned over briefly before the starter shat its pants. I might look about getting it running this weekend. Clean title. Lowballers need not apply, the lift system alone is worth at least grand by itself, and it ain’t eating nothing just sitting there. I ain’t looking to play twenty questions with this thing via messenger, if you’re interested, hit me up, and come look at it, maybe we can work out a deal.” 
1962-cj3b-harrisonburg-va1 1962-cj3b-harrisonburg-va2 1962-cj3b-harrisonburg-va3



13 Comments on “1962 CJ-3B w/Monroe Lift Harrisonburg, VA **SOLD**

  1. Bob in nc

    No lowballers, he ain’t a gonna sell to no lowballers. Don’t ask no questions. $2000 or it’s gonna sit where it is.

    Looks to me like you give me 50 bucks and I’ll haul it away.

  2. Mike

    Bob, my thoughts exactly, What kind of sales pitch is this, sounds like he doesn’t want to talk to any potential buyers. What surprises me is the use of words, “ain’t” is used more than once, an outward sign of the sellers intellect, not someone I would trust. No offence intended, just my thoughts on the subject.

  3. Bob

    Well if the lift hitch is complete he’s not far off price at all. The Monroe hitch is the more valuable of the common ones. Wonder how the hitch is powered?

  4. Doug in Ohio

    Bob the Monroe lift should have a pump that runs via a coupler on the front of the crankshaft pulley.

  5. Glennstin

    Doubtful an original pump setup could be adapted to the Chev. engine crank pulley. As originally designed it didn’t last well on the four cylinder engine. Wish we had more pix. I’m betting an up close look would result in this finding a new home. That complete 3 point hitch is very hard to come by these days and the 3B will at least part out, half cab too.

  6. Chuck

    Is that a PTO drive shaft I see??? If this was in California, I’d buy it, put my 1950’s mower behind it and use it!

  7. Doug in Ohio

    Good point Glennstein.The original pump is probably gone.The seller is about right on on the value of the lift being $1,000. But it is worth what someone is willing to pay for it, possibly more than $1,000.There are not many that have been sold to get a feel for pricing one to sell.

  8. Ann Izac

    Told the guy I’d come check it out with cash in hand and was told there was another buyer. Said he’d get back with me if it didn’t sell. Obviously it didn’t sell and he didn’t get back to me.

  9. David Eilers Post author

    Ann, Sorry to hear that. I can imagine that’s frustrating! Sometimes, sellers are amazingly difficult to deal with.

  10. Doug in Ohio

    Bob that was close to the price of the only one I could find that had sold to get a market price point.Mine was clean but was only missing the top link and the draw bar attaching brackets.also had an extra housing with it that had been repaired.mine not tested I guess made it worth less

  11. Bob in nc

    Based on the pictures and wording additidude my guess is any important component is either missing or broken.

    Price now 2500. He must have heard you all talking. Hurry now, a deal like this won’t last long.

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