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1951 ‘Jeep’ Farm Mower Brochure

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This mower in this brochure looks like a Newton design. It’s form FS-514100.

1951-farm-mower-pg1-lores Photos 1951-farm-mower-pg4-lores

Newton brochure from the late 1940s (See five early mowers here):




3 Comments on “1951 ‘Jeep’ Farm Mower Brochure

  1. David Eilers Post author

    Hi Barry,

    Funny thing is, when I first compared the mowers, I concluded the same thing. Then, while writing the post, I felt it was more like the Newgren (Why, I’m not sure). On further review, I can’t see why I changed my mind. I’ve updated the post. Thanks!

    – Dave

  2. Barry

    I was sure it was going to be a Newgren mower. The plows, “earth moving” scoop and blade were definitely Newgren. But then the corn picker and “tool bar” showed up and I started to take a closer look. I think the Farm Sales Department deserves a lot more study.

    Thanks again for posting these. Fun that new clues keep showing up.


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