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1963? Meyer Snow Plow Brochure

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Given the early Wagoneer and the (25M63) printed on the back, this may be a Meyer Snow Plow tri-fold brochure from 1963.



This is the center, 3-page foldout:


Back page:year-meyer-sp-form-3-184R2005-3-lores


2 Comments on “1963? Meyer Snow Plow Brochure

  1. Mike

    These first generation Electrolift snow plows were somewhat deficient in operation, very slow in raising the plow, with a constant drain on the battery, leaving many snow plowers with a dead battery. Of course, this was the 1960’s, and today’s version is vastly improved. When my dad was shopping to put a snow plow on his 1950. CJ3A, (in 1962) even the salesman at Mide Motors in Garfield discouraged him from purchasing a Meyer Electrolift. Then in the 1970’s, driving my 48 CJ2A down Route 80, I spotted Allen Levine stranded on the side of the highway with his CJ7, dead battery after plowing. I gave him a tow back to Paterson, NJ. I have always relied on the straight hydraulic pump style plow set up, never failed me when plowing.

  2. David Eilers Post author

    Thanks Mike: I have some good details stuff on the Electrolift. I hope to get that scanned over the next week.

    – Dave

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