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2 Meyer Snow Plow Brochures

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These two two-page brochures from Meyer once again highlight the company’s snow plows.

This first brochure showcases the Meyer Angle Dozer and is dated July of 1962 and is form no. 3-114 (though on the backside it shows 3-114 R2, suggesting the backside may have been a 1st or 2nd revision):

meyer-sp-form-3-114-1-lores meyer-sp-form-3-114-2-lores

This second one is an undated form no. 3-283, but given it includes a Jeepster Commando, it is likely from the late 1960s.:




4 Comments on “2 Meyer Snow Plow Brochures

  1. Mark S.

    I have never seen the factory steel snow deflector above the moldboard before. Meyer plows were very popular in my town. A truck body company was a distributor, but has been closed for some time. Western plows are now the most popular, but I still prefer Meyer plows for the smaller Jeep vehicles.,

  2. Mike

    Question; Was the same unit Electrolift used for both 6 & 12 volt systems? I had a 1955 wagon with a 6 volt system and electrolift that always drained the battery. when that happened, I was always able to raise the plow by a direct jump start to the positive terminal on the electrolift with a 12 volt battery.
    I’m not sure about this, but if memory serves me correctly, in the very early days of Electrolift, 2 separate units were sold for 6 & 12 volt. Any input on this ?

  3. Mike

    The hy-los were always my favorite, still use them on my 48 & 66 CJ’s, very dependable, never let me down. They are easy to rebuild, rebuild kits were available from Buddy at VanDine’s, he even should me how to do it. If you had a standard up-down pump, you could easily convert it to power angle by simply adding another P/A valve to the top of the pump, a “cake walk”.

  4. David Eilers Post author

    Mike: I don’t know that answer, so will watch for that detail in some of the dryer material I have.

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