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1964 RHD DJ-3A Shingle Springs, CA $1500


This is a relatively rare right-hand-drive DJ-3A with an even rarer automatic transmission (see 4th pic… shifter to the right of steering wheel). Unclear how much value is here, but certainly some parts value at the very least. It has an f-head.

“I had big plans for this cool little mail jeep but I have too many projects. It is a 1964 DJ3A dispatcher. They stopped making flat fender jeeps in 52 but they had so many parts left over they continue to make flat fender delivery vehicles into the mid 60s. It is very rare, I haven’t seen another one for sale. It does not run or drive, it is a project. I have a clean clear CA title in hand. The Jeep was last registered in 1985 so it is well out of the system.  any questions feel free to ask. Delivery available within reason.  i’m located in shingle Springs, Northern California”

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10 Comments on “1964 RHD DJ-3A Shingle Springs, CA $1500

  1. Chuck

    Is the little lever on the dash the shifter? I have a TH350 adapted to a dana 18 and am looking for some kind of retro shifting system. Was thinking of adapting a column shift from a VEC if I could find the parts.

  2. Barney Goodwin

    Yes, that is the shift lever. Not sure, but if I remember correctly, it’s a 2-speed, N and reverse, but no Park. You applied the parking brake in N.

  3. david sapp

    it used a model 12 Borg Warner 3 speed. they were also used in wagoners and trucks, jaguars and many other vehicles. I have rebuilt many of them, similar to a ford fox cruisamatic.

  4. colin peabody

    This Jeep, 8203 23906, with RHD and AT, is the sister to 8202 23905, which was originally bought by a city in NJ for use as a mosquito sprayer. It was for sale for a long time before being purchased by a firefighter in Los Angeles and converted to LHD, and detailed as a USN DJ3A. 23905, was originally Transport Yellow, just like this one and it had a half cab. 23906 has the model number 8203, which in the past has been indicative of a Dispatcher with full hardtop and having one or both rear side windows. With all the yellow paint, it may have been a mail delivery Jeep for a contract mail man, and painted yellow at the factory.

  5. Mike

    Collin, Are you talking about the RHD NJ Dispatcher mosquito sprayer from Passaic county NJ? I remember that DJ3a from my childhood. Always was going back to the county garage after a day of work round 3: 20 PM. I Would ride my bike just to the spot on Crooks Ave where it made a left turn to the County garage in Paterson NJ. Always amazed me that it was automatic.

  6. Mike

    Collin’s post jogged my memory, I think there were 2 mosquito sprayer DJ3A RHD Jeeps sold to the Passaic County Mosquito Commission. If ( and that’s a BIG IF) in fact these are the same Jeeps, the dealer of record was Scheuer Motors, Authorized Jeep Dealer, located on Vreeland Ave, Paterson. NJ. At the time, theses Jeeps caused some controversy, the county didn’t order RHD Jeeps, and was ready to refuse delivery. Strange part of this story, Scheuer couldn’t explain why they came through as Right Hand Drive. Well, long story short, both parties, worked out a deal with a lower price, and the rest is history. I f memory serves me correctly, (And I’m not an expert like most of you guys, just an Idiot servant type) one DJ3A had the clear parking light lenses and the other had amber. Back in the 60’s, I thought I was seeing things, till one day, I saw both of the driving down Crooks Ave at the same time.
    I have a pic of the one with a half top for sale some years ago, a auto repair shop in Belleville NJ listed it a few times on Ebay, I have to look for it. Surprised to learn it ended up in LA. So it’s possible and less of a stretch that the above is part of my long winded story.

  7. Mike

    Here’ the DJ3A we’re talking about, right here was listed on EWILLYS.

    1964 DJ-3A Belleville, NJ **SOLD**
    June 19, 2013 • CATEGORIES: DJ-3A • TAGS: Stock. Took awhile but it’s here. My brain is not dead after all, thank God almighty!!!

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