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Year? M-38 Mount Vernon, Wa $3000

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UPDATE: Price dropped to $3000

Here’s what looks like a M-38 (it’s even printed on the front bumper), which means the seller’s year of 1944 is off for some reason.  Though, it appears to be missing the passenger side tool indents.  This will require a closer look.

“For sale is a partially restored 1944 Willys Jeep. Engine and running gear runs well. $4000.00 OBO. Please respond via email.”


6 Comments on “Year? M-38 Mount Vernon, Wa $3000

  1. J.R. Welsh

    I don’t think so Steve, looks like it has the cowl battery box to me. More likely the indents were repaired or bondoed … J.R.

  2. Mitch

    Look at the right fender…Underneath it appears to be formed to fit something against it….I’ve never seen anything like it….Also note the windshield….M-38 frame but the glass is split……Does look like a cowl battery box too… The body side steps also appear to be straight….Which suggests repair or fiberglass?

    Definitely needs a closer look for sure..

  3. Paul

    The tailgate looks a little unusual across the top, the jerry can is mounted way too low and the left side of the body appears to have some sort of a cutout where the hood/cowl meet. I’d be interested in learning the origins of this Willys. Possibly someone took a few liberties when repairing the body.

  4. deilers

    And note that both sides appear repaired. I’m in agreement. Some history would be useful.

  5. Brett

    Another thing, the tank looks to be moved. There is no drivers side access. To me it looks like a filler neck coming through the tailgate which would be odd.

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