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Who Needs a Road? A 1960s Trip around the World

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Harold Stephen loves old jeeps.  He loved them so much he spent time exploring the world in both a CJ-5 and a Landcruiser during the 1960s.  In 1965-6 Harold Stephens, along with Al Podell, picture editor of Argosy magazine, formed the Trans World Record Expedition and set the world’s record for the longest non-repetitive miles motor trip around the world (42,500 miles). They captured their trip in their co-authored book, Who Needs a Road. I just bought a copy and you can find a paperback copy for sale here.

Prior to their joint trip, Harold purchased a CJ-5 and shipped it with a small trailer to Europe.  He writes, “Three months in Europe, and no accommodations to worry about. I camped in the shadows of medieval chateaus and age-old monasteries. When I could find none of these, I camped in farmers’ cow pastures. Many times I awoke to discover cows nibble at my shoes outside my door. If farmers came, they were usually friendly, providing I had closed the gate behind me, and often invited me to the farmhouse for coffee and homemade bread.”  You can read more about his CJ-5 European adventure here, including a two month stay in a Russian Jail.

He eventually made his way back to Spain, parked his Jeep and returned to the US. He sold his story to Argosy Magazine and then his editor asked him if he would be interested in an around the world tour in a Toyota Land Cruiser (I tired to find the argosy article, but was unsuccessful).  He said yes, so he and a few others went pack to Spain, picked up a Landcruiser, snagged his jeep, and then started off on their journey.

This is Harold with his CJ-5:

Here’s a good pic of the Landcruiser

Read all about their Trans World Record Expedition at the website

Here is Harold’s Personal Site


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