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Craig’s Pic of the Week: “Need Traction. Ask Red.”

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Craig found this photo from the August 1956 issue of Willys News

1956 August issue Tow Truck


2 Comments on “Craig’s Pic of the Week: “Need Traction. Ask Red.”

  1. Mike Finegan

    I remember Taylor Motor sales from my Childhood; in 1956 when this photo was dated, I was 6 years old and very much into convincing my father to buy a Willys Jeep. There were a few of these Willys tow trucks in my neighborhood; Fred’s Gulf, Peoples Shell Service, Clifton, Marty’s Chevron (Calso) in Garfield, And Ziggie’s Phillip’s 66 in Little Falls, NJ. These rigs were considered the perfect service vehicle and many local gas stations traded up from their older CJ models. Taylor Auto was around up into the late 1960’s The Willys dealership didn’t last that long for what ever reason; by 1960 Taylor was no longer a willy Jeep dealer, now just selling used cars specializing in foreign makes. I always wondered why they called him “Red”, because by the time I knew of him, his hair had already turned Grey.

  2. Mike Finegan

    P.S. It’s hard to read the lettering on the door of the Willys, I think it is “Sal’s Texaco”, If that’s the case, I also knew the owner of the Willys Pickup; He later had a Texaco, changed to Shell Station On Alps Road, Wayne, NJ and was my Uncle Joe’s Mechanic. A little bit of trivia to ad to the story.

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