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Yesterday Morning with Joe and Joel in Mesa

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david-joe-joel-at-joes-mesa-azAnn and I dropped by Joe’s house in Mesa yesterday morning. While Joel has been around jeeps much of his life, Joe is newer to them.

Joe’s initial jeep goal was simple: militarize an old CJ-2A. So, he bought a running CJ-2A with a rough body. Then, he found a GPW body with a great body and frame. His plan was to put the body onto the CJ-2A frame, but his plan was thwarted when he discovered the frame and body matched. With Joel preaching “thou shallst not separate a matching body and frame”, Joe decided to focus on building up the GPW to an originalism state and just patch the floor of the CJ-2A.


As Joe began looking for parts, he found a T-84 transmission and transfercase. Though Joe only wanted the tranny and tc, the seller gave him a price on that plus CJ-3B parts that he couldn’t refuse.

So, a story as old as time, Joe’s one project has turned into three 🙂

The GPW has a few interesting items of note. First, the passenger side was cut and replaced with a swinging door. The door is better than bubba quality and looks like, based on paint comparisons, that it has been with the jeep a long time. Joe has decided to keep it as a conversation piece.


Also of interest is a hinge welded to the bottom of the Ford script seat frame. I suspect that’s a mystery which will never be solved.



3 Comments on “Yesterday Morning with Joe and Joel in Mesa

  1. Josh

    I would venture a guess that hinge was part of a homemade gas cap lock at some point. I’ve seen a couple alterations previously with the intention of securing the fuel.

  2. Joe in Mesa

    Josh, I’ll bet you’re right. Still, I plan to cut off the hinge, and try to make the seat look more original. Thanks for the nice write-up, Dave. It was great meeting you and Ann!

  3. Phil Severson

    Good job Joe! I wish I could have kept some of the old timers I’ve had over the years. I came close with a 66 Barracuda but I never had time or money and to much got stolen or ruined.
    Uncle Phill

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