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The O.E. Szekely CJ-3A APU Navy Jeeps

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I’ve been assembling some information on the O.E. Szekely and Associates Navy Jeeps built from CJ-3A parts. These were used to act as “Self-propelled electric power plants” on land and on battleships. They were made in three-wheeled and four-wheeled versions.

There is also a report that O.E. Szekely served 3 1/2 years in the USNR. This may have given him the contacts necessary to arrange the contract(s) for the APU Jeeps.

Link to a discussion on the CJ-3A Page
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Some great photos from WillysArgentina of APUs

1. UPDATE: I dont’ know why I labeled this an APU. It was definitely in the Navy, but after further review, I see no reason to think it was a Szekely jeep. It is a Four wheel CJ-3A with a L-head that was listed here

2. Four wheel CJ-3A APU with a F-head (and hood bump). The two extra gauges were added as well. Here are a couple pics of Tom’s jeep.

apu-cj3a-fhead-apu1 apu-cj3a-fhead-apu2

3. Three wheel CJ-3A APU with a L-head.

Article from July 1951 issue of Popular Science Page 142

4. Three wheel CJ-3A APU with a F-head (and hood bump). The APU pictured in color below is from the Miramar Marine Corps Air Museum in San Diego


5 Comments on “The O.E. Szekely CJ-3A APU Navy Jeeps

  1. Bob

    When I was a kid we used to play in a junkyard about a mile from my house. We snuck in through a hole in the fence. We spent most of our time in the back of an old dodge panel truck from the 30s.

    This junk yard was loaded with military surplus. Among all the old stuff were several of these jeeps. There were three and four wheeled versions and they were all yellow.

    If I’d have only known!

    The junkyard became and EPA superfund site in the 1990s due to rubber company waste and everything was taken away.

  2. Bob H

    I have a Szekley however it was built on a Ford Jeep and has the V8 engine. I see where there were 292 built at pone time.

  3. Nick Ellis

    I just aquired one of these 4 wheel generator? Does anyone have a picture of a 4 wheel one that’s been restored.

  4. David Eilers


    Not that I know of. However, there has been a series of posts related to these jeeps. You can find them under this link:

    If you have specific questions, fee free to post them here or email me and perhaps I can help (

    – Dave

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