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March 25: Tucson, A Titan, and Tombstone

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Today we had multiple stops planned. Overall, our goal was to drive from Tucson, Arizona, to Tularosa, New Mexico.


We had a very busy day on Monday. A long drive coupled with multiple stops.

After posting the picture from Moab of the CJ-2A mounted on a sign at Ivan’s, Joe pointed me to two similar places in Tucson, AZ. He even included addresses, which saved me time (thanks!). The first place, Willy’s works was a parts store and focuses on civilian and military jeeps. The ‘jeep’ yard held a variety of jeeps. The second place was Jack’s Government Surplus, which naturally focuses on military items. Around Jacks were all kinds of great parts’ yards. I wished I had the time to explore all the different yards!

We did not have time to explore either place. We stopped, took pictures and drove off. So, call or check them out the next time you are there.

Willys Works: 1933 W Gardner Ln,Tucson, AZ (520) 888-5082

willys-works-jeep-cargo-container-sign3 willys-works-jeep-cargo-container-sign2 willys-works-jeep-cargo-container-sign1

Jack’s Government Surplus5181 E Drexel Rd, Tucson, AZ 85706 (520) 574-0300
Below are my pictures. You can see some ones from 2010 on Flickr. In the pictures you’ll see a M-38A1, a FC, and a M-151. I’m sure there is more.



Inside Jacks were several different jeeps. jacks-government-surplus3

I spotted this poor FC hiding behind the tires. I really like the composition of the shot.jacks-government-surplus4

After the signs, we drove past the huge vehicle yards south of Tucson. I could wander through them for hours. But, on this day, we had a missile silo to investigate.

On our way to the silo Ann suggested we stop at the San Xavier Mission in Pima, Arizona. There we found some great Indian Fry Bread.

2013-03-25-indian-fry-bread2 2013-03-25-indian-fry-bread

The Titan Missile Museum is just south of Tucson. This museum offers a unique look at the interior of a Titan II missile complex. Ann had already seen the museum and recommended it since my new book has a scene inside a missile complex. Cool place to visit if you have the chance. While there were no jeeps, there was a lonely M-151 sitting out, slowly fading in the sun. The only downside is that our camera weren’t set up for dealing with the darkness inside the silo, so most of the pics were blurry.


Titan Missile Museum entrance



Inside the control room of the Titan Missile Museum


Me checking out the M-151, which appears in good shape, expect for the fading paint.

After exploring sort-of-modern rocket technology, we then made a dash east on I-10 to visit the old west and Tombstone. The drive off Interstate-10 took about a half hour, so it isn’t too bad of a side jaunt. The city itself is very much a tourist destination with shopping, eating, western history and gun fights galore. The aspect of the town that surprised us the most was it’s position on top of a knoll. From many angles the view from the main street of the surrounding country side was beautiful; it contrasted quite a bit from the hollywood version of a town plunked onto a flat plain.

One item of note. One of the shops sells red dirt (and other) shirts. It’s the same company that started the dirt shirt theme on Kauai. You get 50% off with a military ID. Here are a few pics.


2013-03-25-tombstone-david 2013-03-25-tombstone1



While touring Tombstone, we happened upon this CJ-5 with a hand winch made by Powerwinch.

power-winch-cj5-1 power-winch-cj5-3

After Tombstone, we made a quick tour of Bisbee, then sped east for Tularosa, arriving late.

<– Day 7 – March 25: Jeep Signs in Tucson | Overview | Day 9 – March 26: Space History and White Sands –>


7 Comments on “March 25: Tucson, A Titan, and Tombstone

  1. Bob

    Willys Works markets a great little bracket for those who want to mount an alternator to the L of F head.

  2. gordon west

    Hey, I’ll be in Tucson today! Maybe I can make the FC Roundup next year.

    I bought an FC 170 cab and chassis and an FC 150 chassis from Jack a few years ago. He’s a bit of an oddball, and you have to watch him. Between the time I bought the FC 170 (he told me it had a title) and a few days later when a friend picked it up he had removed the data plate, apparently planning to sell it with the title he had in his file cabinet. I called him after the Jeep showed up minus those things (my friend was told that Jack insisted that there was no title or ID plate, even though I had seen it and the plate had clearly been freshly removed) and suggested in a friendly way that his license to sell salvage vehicles might be getting a review from the State of AZ. By golly, he called me back in about 30 minutes saying he found both items under a stack of papers in the office!

  3. mmdeilers Post author


    Of course you are, because we are in New Mexico today … lol … actually, we will be in New Mexico until Friday. We are staying in Alamogordo and plan to use that as a home base for a few days.

    – Dave

  4. gordon west


    Well I guess you just skipped right past me in Silver City then. You could have seen my collection of Jeeps and junk (and Unimogs). I think I have nine jeeps of various models and vintages and states of there-ness. I need to start selling some of them, know anyplace I could advertise?

  5. Joe Friday

    I haven’t been to Willys Works in quite a while but they were FANTASTIC to deal with in the past. The real deal. No Junk.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Gordon: I don’t know why, but I thought you were more in the Albuquerque area. We even saw the signs for Silver City and thought it looked interesting.

    The good news is we expect to be back in Las Cruses next year. My wife wants to visit the military museum there.

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