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4 Jeeps for Sale Bowie, MD


There is some parts value on some, maybe more on the two later jeeps.

“Old cars and jeeps that need to be sold or sent to the junk yard.

1. 1948 Willy’s CJ2A, shifts on the column and 4 wheel drive. – What do think? Restoration or parts.
2. 1950 Willys CJ series,
3. 1976 CJ5, 3 speed with 4 wheel drive, 258 straight six, old Meyers Snow plow, lift and assorted items.
4. 1976 CJ7, Automatic, with 4 wheel drive, 304 V-8, old Meyers Snow plow, lift and assorted items.

For more information and photos, please – e-mail me.Thanks, Tim”

4-jeeps-bowie-md2 4-jeeps-bowie-md3 4-jeeps-bowie-md4


One comment on “4 Jeeps for Sale Bowie, MD

  1. pascal

    Just for parts…
    The original 2A hard top bow is to be considered.
    The 3A top bow look like there also.
    The original front grille insert is tempting.
    The set of the brake light on the second jeep are nice but not original.
    I never saw those kind of front wheels cap on the 3A.
    I like the jeep wheel caps on the CJ-7 for sure. Notice that the one on the spare tire is different.

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