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Day 1 – March 20th: Dinner and Salt

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We left Pasco, Washington, at 5amish yesterday, which means we’d planned to leave at 5am, but due to last minute scrambling, our departure didn’t actually occur until 5:30am. After nine hours of driving, we arrived in Salt Lake City in time to celebrate with the kids.


Today we drove from Pasco, Washington, to Salt Lake City, Utah.

Karson, Kasia and Colter joined us at the Old Spaghetti Factory for some pasta. It was Kasia’s choice, due both to her upcoming 18th birthday and because we found out yesterday she’s been accepted to the University of Utah. However, she won’t be attending the U this fall, but will postpone it until the fall of 2015 so she can spend the next school year participating in a mentorship program in Los Angeles.

Colter has another two years at East High School. I think he hopes that without his brother and sister at school, he will no longer be known as Kasia or Karson’s little brother. Instead, people will actually know him by his own name.

2014-03-20-kids-oldspaghetti-factory2-loresYou may remember our trip from last summer when we ran into Karson twice during his participation in the Americorps/FEMA program. In November he successfully ‘graduated’ from the program with lots of experiences, stories and scholarship money. So, he decided to go to Westminster University starting this winter. He seems to be enjoying it immensely.

After filling ourselves on Pasta, Karson suggested we head to nearby Westminster University so he could give us a tour and show us a salt-art exhibit.  Artist Motoi Yamamoto created a giant maze out of salt inside the new Westminster Engineering building. There was also a place some of us budding artists could practice, which explains the first picture at the top of this post. How could I resist? Below are a few more photos.

2014-03-20-westminster-salt3-lores2014-03-20-westminster-salt1-lores 2014-03-20-westminster-salt4

Finally, with the sun setting, it was time to say goodbye. We attempted to get organized for one last photo, but this is how it turned out. It seems appropriate, as the kids are growing up and all heading in their own directions.


On Friday we head for Vernal, Utah, and Dinosaur National Monuement.

<– OVERVIEW | Day 2 – March 21st: From Salt Lake City To Vernal –>


3 Comments on “Day 1 – March 20th: Dinner and Salt

  1. mom

    I like how the photographer got into the photo. Have a great trip and look forward to your daily (?) updates. Say, is that a new Jeep T shirt you have on?

  2. John Hartman

    Congratulations and Happy Birthday to Kasia. Karson, doing anything you can to improve humanity and people in need is a good thing. Colter, follow their lead. Dave, you have much to be proud of. Ann, get a bystander to take pictures with you in them.
    Have a safe trip.

  3. mmdeilers Post author

    Mom: I will do my best to make them daily.
    John: you would think we could just hand the camera to somebody, but we actually gotten some very bad shots that way. We use a camera timer and tripod if we need to get both of us and a shot. But we really like the whole mirror effect 🙂

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