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2014 Southwest Trip Overview

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OVERVIEW | Day 1 – March 20th: Dinner and Salt –>

UPDATE: This page originally covered our anticipated trip, but now that It is finished, it’s a summary page.


Southwest / California trip March 20-May 1, 2014.

We finally made it home to Pasco. It took us six weeks and one day to make the loop through the mountain west, into the southwest, and northward into California and Oregon. We covered a distance of 6,378 miles.

Once again, we have to give thanks to everyone who met with us, supported or followed our journey. We feel very fortunate to have these periods of time to travel with one another and see so much of this great country. Hopefully, you’ve enjoyed our trip and learned something new about a place you never knew.

We appreciate all the suggestions everyone gave us and we’re sorry we couldn’t followup on all of them. I know I’d hoped to drop by and see Paul Barry at Willys America or Jerry at his truck/wagon shop in Rodeo, CA. However, since my daughter is supposed to be in Los Angeles in the fall/spring of next year, I figured we would be back down there soon enough and will stop by both places.

Here are links to our daily reports:

  1. OVERVIEW: 2014 Southwest Trip Overview
  2. Day 1 – March 20th: Dinner and Salt
  3. Day 2 – March 21st: From Salt Lake City To Vernal
  4. Day 3 – Mar. 22nd: Old Bones and Old Jeeps
  5. Day 4 – Mar. 23rd: Hurray for Ouray
  6. Day 5 – Mar. 24th: Talking Jeeps w/ Worn Rusty Hubbs
  7. Day 6 – Mar. 25th: TinkerTown and the Turquoise Trail
  8. Day 7 – Mar. 26th: Darth Vader and Tractor Bob
  9. Day 8 – Mar. 27th: Joe’s Jeeps
  10. Day 9 – Mar. 28th: Charging Futility and FC Roundup Day 1
  11. Day 10 – Mar. 29th: Red Lobster or Bust — Day 2 of the FC Roundup
  12. Day 11 – Mar. 30th: Phoenix’s Mystery Castle
  13. Day 12 – Mar. 31st: Stagecoaches and a Glass Desert
  14. Day 13 – Apr 1st: From Scottsdale AJs to Seligman Sundries
  15. Day 14 – Apr. 2nd: It is Cold, Windy and Raining . . . This is the Mohave Desert?
  16. Day 15 – Apr. 3rd: Joshua Tree National Park
  17. Day 16 – Apr. 4th: The Borrego Springs Jeep
  18. Day 17 – Apr. 5th: Farrell’s Ice Cream Parlor
  19. Day 18 – Apr. 6th: Wurlitzer to Wigwam
  20. Day 19 – Apr. 7th: From McDonald’s to Ruby’s
  21. Day 20 – Apr. 8th: California Adventure w/ Mrs. Soggy Bottom
  22. Day 21 – Apr. 9th: Day 2 at Disneyland
  23. Day 22 – Apr. 10th: Balboa Island and Pier
  24. Day 23 – Apr. 11th: Vintage Cars and Campers
  25. Day 24 – Apr. 12th: Dan’s FCs and The Lost Romanian
  26. Day 25 – Apr. 13th: Port Why-Knee-Me
  27. Day 26 – Apr. 14th: Gorditas Make Me Sleepy
  28. Day 27 – Apr. 15th: Strolling Monterey
  29. Day 28 – Apr. 16th: Artichokes and Sushi Boats
  30. Day 29 – Apr. 17th: Revenge of the Sushi
  31. Day 30-31 – Apr.18th-19th: Bay Area Fun
  32. Day 32 – Apr. 20th: A Sunday Drive to Santa Rosa
  33. Day 33 – Apr. 21st: Tom, Paty, Sparky, Bill, Lucy, Snoopy, Charlie, Linus, and More
  34. Day 34 – Apr. 22nd: Old Town Sacramento
  35. Day 35 – Apr. 23rd: Over the Sierras
  36. Day 36 – Apr. 24th: ‘Tire’d of Reno
  37. Day 37 – Apr. 25th: Carson City
  38. Day 38 – Apr. 26th: Finding Virginia City
  39. Day 39 – Apr. 27th: Crying Babies and Grungie Folks
  40. Day 40 – Apr. 28th: Firehouse #4
  41. Day 41 – Apr. 29th: Ann Flies the Goose
  42. Day 42 – Apr. 30th: R&P 4WD and Herm
  43. Day 43 – COMPLETED: 2014 Spring Southwest-California Trip

OVERVIEW | Day 1 – March 20th: Dinner and Salt –>


10 Comments on “2014 Southwest Trip Overview

  1. Craig B.

    Sweet trip! Looks like you’ll be headed through Ouray! Wish I could tag along. Would love to visit that area when the snow is on the ground. See you in Phoenix!

  2. mmdeilers Post author

    Craig: We’ll stamp out “Wish you were here” in the snow and take a picture 🙂

  3. Joe in Mesa

    Can’t wait to see you and Ann here in Mesa. Uh oh: that only gives me 10 days to get either my GPW or MB into driving condition! Safe Travels! 🙂

  4. Gordon

    What day do you think you’ll be in Silver City?

    I can get you a good rate at the historic Murray Hotel, if you’d like to stay in town. Of course I need to show off my stable of Jeeps (some running) and Unimogs!

  5. Dean Younker

    I live in Grand. Junction,CO. What day did you think you might be here. Would love to show you my 1952 cj 3a project. I have a friend who is just finishing a real nice 1948 with some very nice but tasteful modifications.

  6. mmdeilers Post author

    Gordon, I had you in mind with the Silver City visit. I don’t know if we’ll be staying in town or just passing through. I would estimate we’d be there in the afternoon of the 26th. We might end staying there after all.

    Dean, we should be there saturday late afternoon Saturday the 22nd if that would work out.

  7. Jesse Ybarra

    Dave and Ann,
    Between Santa Fe and Las Cruces, NM. After you pass Albuquerque, NM. Stop for a break to look for Pete and Susie Ulbrect in Soccorro, NM. You really need to look at their beautiful FC-170, that they have.
    I will email you more details.
    See you soon, Call me when you two get in town, and come over earlier.
    I can’t wait.

  8. gordon west

    I have a meeting that afternoon from 3:00 to maybe 4 or 4:30, otherwise available and at your service! My shop (where the toys are) is on the way in to Silver City (6 miles before, near the intersection of Hwy 152 and Hwy 180 in the Village of Santa Clara), so catching you there would be ideal.

  9. Russell Martin aka Worn "Rusty" Hubbs

    Are you coming through Taos NM, You are welcome to swing by and say Hi, Rusty

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