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Day 23 – Apr. 11th: Vintage Cars and Campers

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Restored 1903 Olds built to replicate one driven across the United States in 1903 from New York to San Francisco.I’m checking out the flywheel.

On Friday we left Fullerton to spend a couple nights in Thousand Oaks. Before we got to the hotel, we drove out to Oxnard to visit Murphy’s Auto Museum.


Today we travelled from Fullerton to Oxnard, before stopping at Thousand Oaks, California.

The museum began as a private collection. However, that collection was mostly sold off and replaced by individuals who wanted to store their vehicles at the museum. For the next few weeks, Murphy’s is having a vintage camper display.



Custom camper with a display that includes items found inside it. Okay, maybe the fake little girl wasn’t inside it, but the items (you can’t see well behind me) were in it.


This bright trailer includes a model that must be set up with the trailer any time it appears in public.



This is supposed to be a very early resin/plastic trailer. Not may were made.


This is the earliest example of the use of popups on a trailer. This one was owned by Ed ‘Big Daddy’ Roth. It was made by boat builders, but was determined to be too heavy for practical use.


Here’s another view.

Since there wasn’t much happening at the museum, we were given a great tour of the place by a docent whose name I’ve managed to forget. I shall blame the late hour for my lack of brain power.




Neat little rat rod in the foreground.

While Murphy’s feels more like a storage facility than a museum, the docent made the trip worthwhile as he knew lots of stories related to the vehicles and pointed out details that we would have otherwise missed. If you make it to Oxnard, there is a second car museum, the Mullin Automotive Museum, but you need advanced tickets to go there.

<– Day 22 – Apr. 10th: Balboa Island and Pier | OVERVIEW | Day 24 – Apr. 12th: Dan’s FCs and The Lost Romanian –>


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