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COMPLETED: 2014 Spring Southwest-California Trip

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<– Day 42 – Apr. 30th: R&P 4WD and Herm | BACK TO OVERVIEW  –>

On May 1st we drove home to Pasco. We didn’t stop anywhere, so there’s nothing to report. We landed in Pasco, tired, but happy about our great southwest adventure!


Thought there’s not much on this page, I wanted to save this page due to the comments on the bottom. The overview of the trip with links to daily reports can be found here –>


9 Comments on “COMPLETED: 2014 Spring Southwest-California Trip

  1. Mark S.

    Dave and Ann, Thank you for the very entertaining account of your trip, glad you made it home safely. That is a lot of miles to cover. Dave, maybe its time for a eWillys reality TV show, or possibly a travel show to exotic locations in search of jeeps.

  2. Bob

    I would love to be able to spend 6 weeks on the road! But alas have to live vicariously through you and Ann!

  3. dave frances

    Congrats on a safe and interesting trip! I especially enjoyed the Spruce Goose!

  4. Joe

    I read on your sight daily , mainly to see what is for sale all over the country. I always enjoy your trips ,this trip looked to be a great time . Loved the pictures and the stories of each days trip. As a fellow willys owner I’m sure it’s because we all have a lot in common. Look forward to seeing more post and more trips……… Indiana Joe

  5. Dale Heizer

    6, 378 miles I’m surprised you didn’t have to have the doctor remove the jeep seats from your rear ends. Great trip I enjoyed the pics. And the stories.

  6. Rob

    Read all your great stuff daily. Have to have my eWillys fix and now have got so many people hooked on your site. Don’t forget about us out here in Virginia. Jeepless Rob

  7. Colin Peabody

    Hi Weary Travelers-

    Glad you made it home safely and enjoyed your trip. We enjoyed following you along the way and glad you got to see a couple of places here in AZ. Sorry you had to leave the burro in Oatman!!

    When you go to Hawaii, you need to hook up with Randy Spangler in Oahu. He is the Jeep guy to see over there, plus he has a great job locating sites for TV and movie sets. He gave Glenn a great tour a few years ago. I’ll get his contact information for you.


  8. glennstin

    Great trip! My Redding, CA folks concurred with your Northern CA comments. We have a 2000 mile 8 day loop from Anchorage to Whitehorse to Fairbanks with a rental RV late August. Sure would like to meet up with some Willys Nuts along the way. Last trip to Alaska I helped fix a Jeep outside Juneau.

  9. Doug

    Dave, I really enjoyed the trip vicariously and followed the whole trip report. You picked some really great parts of the U.S. to visit and it reminds us all what a great country we live in and what we have in common – not just Willys. Thanks.

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